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Download Age of Godpunk by James Lovegrove PDF novel free. Age of Godpunk is the fiction, thriller, fantasy and mystery novel which contains the three different epic stories for the readers.

Description of Age of Godpunk by James Lovegrove PDF

Age of Godpunk is the fantasy, thriller, mystery and fiction novel which plots the three different stories from a different background. James Lovegrove is the guy behind this stunning novel. Age of Anansi is the first story in which an old fellow named Dion Yeboah living the ordinary life in his town. One day he is bitten with the spider. He does not know what is coming for him in the upcoming life. Dion body is changing and he turns into the Anansi, a spider. His existence is creating a chaos in the town and he is dangerous for the people.

Age of Godpunk by James Lovegrove

The war begins and in the end, just one person will leave behind. Age of Satan is the second thrilling story of the novel in which a black boy is the main protagonist. Guy Lucas is studying in the boarding school, he is abused and bullied all the time. A fellow student asks him to perform a black mass and beg for Satan to intervene. After this incident, ten years of his life set across under the shadow of Satan. The last and romantic story of the novel is Age of Gaia. Barnaby Pollard is the billionaire who has the world under his feet. He is the owner of fossil fuel resources and the boyfriend of the beautiful girl he loves. One day, a co-journalist enters into his life and later on they are found dating by his old girlfriend. Lydia is different from other girls and that’s the reason why Pollard is following her.

Details About Age of Godpunk by James Lovegrove PDF

  • Name: Age of Godpunk
  • Authors: James Lovegrove
  • Publish Date: September 12, 2013
  • Language: English
  • Genre: Fiction, Romantic, Thriller, Mystery, Fantasy
  • Format: PDF/ePub
  • Size: 1 MB
  • Pages: 317
  • Price: Free
  • ISBN: 178108128X

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