Hybrid Aria by Jessica Hall Chapter 2

Reid’s POV Having just finished one meeting, my Beta Zane texted to tell me the next meeting I had has been moved to Joe’s diner. Apparently, it was on neutral territory; the Black Moon Alpha didn’t want to meet on my territory. Pussy, I thought, shoving my phone back in my pocket before adjusting my tie while walking to the elevator. I stepped in […]

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Hybrid Aria by Jessica Hall Chapter 1

Two weeks earlier “Come on, Lily, time to get up,” I whispered to my six-year-old sister. She rolled on the mattress stretching and yawning, her beautiful sapphire blue eyes fluttering open to look back at me. Our room was the smallest in the Packhouse and at the back of the house away from everyone. The room consisted of a double bed mattress, a window, […]

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