Hybrid Aria by Jessica Hall Chapter 42

Reid’s POV I watched as she slept, I picked up her limp body. Guilt eating away at me, I could feel Ryder pressing against my skin. Itching to be released. I placed her on our bed, leaning down, I nuzzled into her neck. God, I loved this woman, but damn she infuriated me. I sometimes have to remember she didn’t have the childhood she deserved, didn’t […]

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Hybrid Aria by Jessica Hall Chapter 41

Aria’s POV Reid walks over to me, leaning down he presses his entire body onto mine before kissing me gently. I answer his kiss, kissing him hungrily as the need to takes over. Reid, feeling my arousal through the bond, presses himself into me. I can feel the bulge in his pants. I rub myself against him, wanting the friction. I feel Reid chuckle against my […]

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Hybrid Aria by Jessica Hall Chapter 40

Aria’s POV I pace around in the basement, my mind reeling, anger consuming every cell in my body. My skin warming, getting hotter and hotter as my rage reaches boiling point. My claws extend, ripping my nails from my fingers painfully. My fangs push through my gums slowly tearing until they a through. I can taste the metallic of my own blood filling my mouth. I […]

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