Hybrid Aria by Jessica Hall Chapter 39

Aria’s POV I watch in panic as they try to stem the bleeding. When Reid walks over, ripping me up by one arm and dragging me to Zane’s limp body, laying on the floor drenched in blood. Christine starts screaming at me. “Get her away, she has done enough damage!” “She can help,” Reid says, throwing his Alpha voice behind his words. Christine looks at […]

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Hybrid Aria by Jessica Hall Chapter 38

Aria’s POV Taking a seat in the kitchen, Reid rummaged through the pantry, making something that I knew was going to turn my stomach upside down. The smell alone of him just getting the ingredients out was enough to make me dry heave. I felt lightheaded and rested my head on the cool tabletop. Reid came over. “What’s wrong?” I didn’t say anything, refusing […]

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