Craving the Knot by Sean Michael CHAPTER ONE

Ihead into the gym, my head pounding. Fuck, but I’m tired of pretending to be nice to people who are evil to me. “Suck it up, man. It’s a job. You have to pay the rent, right?”


Fuck me.

I head into the locker room to change out of my totally nonthreatening work clothes and into something comfortable that I can lift in. Working out is my go-to in a mood like this. I’ll lift until I feel better or I can’t anymore.

The place is empty except for Matt, who now that I see him, I realize hasn’t been around for a while. I don’t know if he’s gone on vacation or something, but whatever it was, it’s working for him—Matt is practically fucking glowing.

He nods to me, and I nod back, because I’m not an asshole, just in a really bad mood.

Matt pulls off his shirt, revealing his stunning muscles. I’m a bit bigger, but he’s got nothing to be ashamed of. That’s for sure. Something catches my eye, glinting from one nipple, and when I check it out, I realize it’s a nipple ring. It isn’t just one nipple, it’s both, and it’s surprisingly hot.

Still, I’d be worried that they’d get in the way, get tugged, get touched. I’d be freaked.

How did I miss that mark on his chest.


“Is that a brand?” I’d think he hurt himself, except that it’s not just a mark. It’s a demon. A fucking demon with horns, for fuck’s sake.

“Huh? Oh, yeah.” Matt turns so I can see it better. “My master’s brand.”

“Your—dude. Okay.” I’m going to work out. I am not thinking about that shit.

“You should come with me to the club sometime. Would take care of that hella bad mood you’re nursing.”

“Right. I’m not—That’s not me, but—”

Matt steps out of his jeans, exposing a gold cock cage, a jewel buried in the tip of his dick.

Don’t look. Don’t look. Fuck, don’t look.

I look.

When I finally draw my attention away from it, I find Matt standing there, hands on his hips, absolutely proud. “You should come with me, Steve. I’m serious. Don’s a member too and he’d recommend it just like I am. The guys at the club can make you sing.”

“I’m not that intense, man. That’s hard-core.” I’m not sure what to think, that he assumes I bottom. I mean, I do. I have, but it’s not common knowledge. And I’ve never done anything like… My gaze takes in the brand, the nipple rings, the fucking cock cage before winging back up to his eyes. That. I’ve never done anything like that.

“It is intense. And I wouldn’t have said anything, but you look really unhappy, like something’s got to give. And this is a safe space for it. Like honestly.”

“That’s not going to help the work situation, but thanks.” Nothing’s going to change the fact that I’m in a dead-end sales job with no hope.

“Who knows, you could make connections that would help the work situation. Besides, this isn’t about work, it’s about you being angry and frustrated. That’s no way to live your life. All I’m saying is I’m happier and more fulfilled than I’ve ever been in my life, so come with me and check it out.”

“Why? I mean…Let’s work out. Huh? I mean, seriously. I don’t want to talk about this.” I am totally wigged out, and Matt is still standing there with everything just hanging out. I mean, we are in the locker room for fuck’s sake. It’s not like I’ve never seen other guys’ dicks before, but this is extra.

“Of course, of course. That’s why we’re here, right?” Matt puts on a tight T-shirt and an even tighter pair of workout shorts. Jesus.

“Uh, buddy? You can see the, uh…that deal.”

Matt shrugs. “There’s hardly anyone here and I’m not embarrassed.”

God, I would be. I’m not all that sexual, not like Matt. He’s just…a stud. It pours off him and the confidence not to give a shit what anyone might see or think—I’ve never had that.

“That’s something else I learned at the club,” Matt tells me. “I’m going after my workout, so you can still decide to join. It would be an evening you’ll never forget.” Matt pats my arm and heads out to the floor.

An evening I’d never forget… I can’t decide if that’s ominous or amazing.

Fuck me.

Fuck me raw.

Matt looks over at me and nods like he heard me. Like he knows what I was thinking.

He goes back to his lifting, but I find myself continuing to sneak glances at him, checking out his package with all the paraphernalia he’s wearing clearly outlined by those incredibly tight workout shorts.

Thank god the gym is, basically, empty. Otherwise, I’d—

“You need a spotter, man?” Suddenly Matt’s right here, standing with his crotch by my head.


“Go on. I’ve got you covered.” Matt nods at the weights.

I grab the bar and start pumping, trying so hard to focus. But I swear to god, I can smell him. Hot, male. Jesus, it’s intoxicating.

“Come with me, buddy. I have someone to introduce you to. Someone who can give you so much.” Matt grabs the weight as I stop to stare at him, and sets it on its rack. “What can one evening hurt?”

“Is someone going to hurt me?”

“What? No. Well, not unless you want him to.”

“So you asked for the whole—there’s a jewel in your cock, man!” Okay, that came out loud, and I glance around, but the only other guy here has earbuds in and is off in his own world, running on the treadmill like he’s got monsters chasing him.

“I didn’t ask for it specifically, but I did ask for his will. Nobody’s done anything to me against my wishes.” He winks at me. “I can feel it with every single breath.” He looks pleased as hell about that. Hell, he just plain looks happy. Like deeply, truly satisfied with his life and happy.

“You’re a nutjob. I’m serious.” Intrigued, but serious. And also maybe more than just a little jealous. I don’t need to be pathologically happy or anything, but nobody wants to be miserable day in and day out.

“Maybe, but I’m a deeply happy nutjob.” Matt stands over me. “I’m calling it a day here at the gym and headed there now. You could check it out. You should check it out.”

“I—” Fuck, a part of me wants to throw up my hands and say okay. The prospect of not feeling like the world is against me, even for just one evening is enticing as hell.

“Please. Just once. I swear it’ll be so good.”

“Do you get a bonus for signing on new members?”

“Nobody pays me a penny for anything to do with the club. My master does have friends and it would make him happy if they found the same thing we have, but no, I’m not getting paid.” Matt shrugs. “Maybe a bonus from my master if you’re happy and come back.”

“A bonus.” I can’t bear it, but I can’t stop thinking about it either.

Matt grins wide. “And yeah, I’m not talking about money.” I swear to god, his nipples are hard—I can see them standing out from his chest beneath his T-shirt, those piercings clear as day through the tight material.

“All right. All right, fine, but I’m not feeling real—sexual.” Frustrated, angry, demoralized, absolutely. Raring to get laid. Nope. Which is a fine state of affairs, now isn’t it?

“No, you’re frustrated and annoyed and grumpy. I get it, I really do. I often felt like that before I started going to the club. Come on, let’s go get changed and head over.” Before you change your mind. Matt doesn’t say the words, but I have to wonder if they aren’t in his thoughts.

“Yeah. I have this and my work clothes.” And my uniform is a polyester nightmare that I would never wear to a club.

“Then let’s go in our workout clothes. We can Uber over so it’s not like anyone will see.”

“No dress code then, I guess?” I’m not sure if that makes me happier or wigged.

“There are places in the club where there are, but not the entrance or main hall.”

“Oh. Okay.” That works for me, because I’m not going any farther than that. “Let’s grab our shit.”

“You got it.” We head for the lockers and when we get there, Matt grabs his phone. “Just ordering our car. This is going to be great, I promise.”

“Yeah. You, me, your cock cage, my workout clothes, and a sex club.”

Matt laughs and claps me on the back. “Sounds like the beginning of a great story.”

“Or a terrible joke.” God, I must be desperate for a change of pace, but I’m really doing this.

“Either way the punch line will be perfect.” Matt winks and steps out as a car pulls up. “This is us.”

I nod and get into the car. “Let’s do this?”