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Download The Dogfather series by Roxanne St. Claire free complete all three volumes in ePub format. The Dogfather series includes Sit…Stay…Beg, New Leash on Life, Leader of the Pack. This is a series on dogs with a bundle of interesting stories with love and compassion for dogs.

Description of The Dogfather series by Roxanne St. Claire

The Dogfather series by Roxanne St. Claire is the New York Best Selling Series on a love with dogs. It comprises of three volumes Sit… Stay… Beg…, New Leash on Life, Leader of the pack.


Sit.. Stay.. Beg.. is a super successful story on Garrett Kilcannon who served his life to rescue and dogs and find them homes. He Prefers to keep his secrets, it is when his father calls a journalist to write on him. The writer is very gorgeous and his childhood friend but, he doesn’t care. As he has zero tolerance for the media until he sees her with a rescue dog who stop eating. This attracted him to reveal his secrets in front of her. Will she still sell her secrets and win the heart of Garrett.

Sit...Stay...Beg (The Dogfather #1) - Roxanne St. Claire

New Leash on Life

New Leash on Life is the story of a dog whisperer Shane Kilcannon who always win and never want to lose at any cost. When he lost a chance with a beautiful girl, his life changes. His family taught him patience but in vain until his father asks him to work with Chloe and she helps him by giving a home and a misunderstood dog. As a tourist, Chloe has a good reputation. This time she has to convince the people to change the name of their small town. There Shane won her heart and let her forget all the hard times of her life. You will love to read this story of love and passion.

New Leash on Life (The Dogfather #2) - Roxanne St. Claire

Leader of the Pack

The Leader of the pack is the story of Lian Kilcannon who is patient and skillful enough to transform a harmless puppet to a protective dog so it could protect its whole family. Liam never wastes words nor the emotions. He always wanted to spend his life with women at his side. He found her but lost her. His father told about Andi and he offers his protective dog to her where they started to come closer. She wants to stay alone, no matter how lonely she becomes until relative launches a campaign to take the custody of her son. Now she needs someone to protect her family because a dog is not enough. Lian comes in the scene and protects Andi’s child and home. Will they fall in love or fail again?

Leader of the Pack-The Dogfather #3 Roxanne St. Claire

Details of The Dogfather series by Roxanne St. Claire

  • Name: The Dogfather series
  • Author: Roxanne St. Claire
  • Publish Date: July 17, 2017
  • Language: English
  • Genere: Novel, Love, and Romance, Fiction
  • Format: ePub
  • Size: 1 MB
  • Price: Free

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