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Download Namal by Nimra Ahmed free complete PDF novel series with all 30 chapters. Namal is a viral Urdu Novel on goodness and badness expanded over 30 episodes.

Description of Namal by Nimra Ahmed

If you want to read a quality Urdu novel to spend your time then Namal by Nimra Ahmed is one of the best choices. Nimra Ahmed is the second most selling female writer in Urdu Novels. The story revolves around a poor family which has a boy named Saadi. He was shot and then kidnapped from the hospital. After then he files a case against his rich Kardaar friend for kidnapping him. But he could not win the case because Kardaar family make use of their money and power to exploit Saadi. It shows complete injustice from courts and justice from God.

Download Namal by Nimra Ahmed Free

The novel is full of thrill and suspense, with few humorous scenarios. On the other hand, the book also explains Surah e Namal from Quran. As the name of the book is on Surah e Namal.

Episodes of Namal by Nimra Ahmed

This Novel Comprises of 30 episodes including:

  1. Hamara (Our) Saadi
  2. Fareb Kaar (Fraudster)
  3. Pehla Taruf (First Introduction), Pehla Tasawur (First Inspiration)
  4. Insan Dost (Human-Friendly)
  5. Part-1: Paani Say Gaarha (Thicker Than Water)
  6. Part-2: Paani Say Gaarha
  7. Part-3: Paani Say Gaarha
  8. part-4: Paani Say Gaarha
  9. Aqad (marriage)
  10. Kia Main Hun Apnay Bhai Ka Rakhwala? (Am I the CVaretaker of my Brother?)
  11. Ya-Sahibi Al-Sajan
  12. Part-1: Man Almasa Raba Malika Dadam (I was the Queen of Diamonds)
  13. Part-2: Man Almasa Raba Malika Dadam
  14. Aur Wahi Ki Ap k Rabb Nay Shehed ki Makhi ki Taraf (And God Revealed to the Honey Bee)
  15. Mera Marz-e-Mustamir (My Perpetual Disease)
  16. Admi k Do Dil (Two hearts of Man)
  17. Bhaari Hai Woh Sar Jo Pehnta Hai Taaj (Heavy Head which Puts Crown on it)
  18. Haq-e-Difa Az Khaweshtan (Right of Self Defence)
  19. Lazim Hai K Hum Bhi Dekhain Gay (We will Must See)
  20. Part-1: Kafir, Makir, Kazib, Qatil (Disbeliever, Deceiver, lier, Killer)
  21. Part-2: Kafir, Makir, Kazib, Qatil
  22. Mor Chaal (Act of Peacock)
  23. Tootay Taray Jaisa Dil (Heart like a Broken Star)
  24. Aik Musafat Alam-e-Tanweem Main
  25. Farzand-e-Nazaneen (Son of a Beautiful Woman)
  26. Hain Hunain Aur Main Aam Hun (I am Hunain and common)
  27. Part-1: Abzeedaan (Aquarium)
  28. Part-2: Abzeedaan
  29. Shah Maat (Frost Glass)
  30. Aydus Marziye Abhi Beetay Nahi

Details of Namal by Nimra Ahmed

  • Book Name: Namal
  • Author: Nimra Ahmed
  • Publish Date: January 2017
  • Language: Urdu
  • Genere: Urdu Novel
  • Format: PDF
  • Size: 44 MB
  • Pages: 1418
  • Price: Free

Namal by Nimra Ahmed Free Download

Click on the below link to download the offline eBook in PDF format of Namal by Nimra Ahmed. It is an epic story by Nimra Ahmed about the goodness and badness.