General Mark Forgive me by Anna Yan Chapter 2 (Approaching Beauty)

As soon as James walked to the front of the classroom, his eyes widened in surprise. I don’t know what he saw, but immediately ran excitedly into the classroom to find a seat. From that moment on, his gaze was only directed to one place. James is overjoyed. He did not expect that he would be lucky enough to be in the same class as the beautiful girl he just saw at the school gate.

Now, he has a reason to go to class diligently in the future without his parents reminding and threatening. Of course, outside of the class, he was looking at the other girl with passion, but there were other boys who were just like him. The focus of the whole class was the beautiful woman who got out of the car. The teacher entered the class for all the students in the class to stand up and introduce themselves. All the boys including James were waiting for the introduction of the beautiful girl. “Hi guys, I’m Edna.” “Edna.” James muttered under his breath repeating her name.

When it was James’ turn to introduce, he stood up and glanced at Edna, then took a deep breath, preparing to read the line he had been thinking a lot about. If you want girls to notice you, besides being handsome and rich, you have to be different. Make a great first impression. then the chances of pursuing her success will be higher in the future. “I’m James, my parents are both teachers.

My mother is very kind and easy to get along with. My father is afraid of my mother, so I will not be better than him in the future. So who wants to make my girlfriend feel secure? Well, I’m really single.” At the end of the introduction, James received a big round of applause along with laughter from the whole class. James doesn’t care if others laugh or laugh. He only cared about one person’s eyes, he accidentally caught Edna’s glance and fleeting smile for him. He was just happy and excited right now.

Confident that perhaps he had made some impression on Edna. The class quickly ended and everyone went home. James quickly dared to run to stop Edna’s footsteps. “Hi, I’m James.” James smiled happily to get to know Edna. James thought that this friend would politely greet him back, but he didn’t expect her to smile or show him, just ignoring him and walking past him. James stiffened, but quickly reacted, perhaps he had to go back and think about how to approach her. anyway, studying in the same class, he had a lot of opportunities and time.

Thinking like that, James quickly regained his spirit and ran to find Mark’s class. You have to show him that you are studying with the car beauties. Surely he will envy you. James asked his classmates to find Mark’s class, but he was no longer in the class. He frowned because he didn’t expect Mark to leave first without waiting for him. He was angry in his heart, he would definitely go back to his house and beat him up. then told him about studying together with Edna, making him angry. The more James thought, the more annoyed he became.

However, when he reached the gate, he suddenly saw that everyone was talking about something, moreover, they were still circling someone. Looks like someone is arguing or fighting. “You apologize to me or I will report to the teacher to deduct your conduct points.” James raised an eyebrow, because the voice felt so familiar to him.

Although he had only heard her give a brief introduction, he had already memorized her voice. His eyes suddenly lit up. She is being bullied by others, it seems that the other party is still a boy. Very good then. Time for him to come out as a hero to save the beauty. Help her get justice. Surely she will appreciate him then will love him. Thinking like that, he hastily pushed everyone out to squeeze inside, without seeing the other party, he spoke loudly: “Hey classmate, is it a boy? Bullying you…” James’ words were caught in his throat when he saw the boy opposite. James rolled his eyes, why is the opponent Mark? He had a concussion today, but he bullied his beautiful woman.

Mark was as surprised as James. Seeing James standing on the other girl’s side, he frowned and silently speculated. Maybe James was charmed by the other girl, so his brotherly friendship with him, he also put aside. Gracious contempt for you is this situation right? black-faced mark said coldly: “James, do you know me?” James’s mouth twitched slightly. If possible, you’d really like me not to get in between the two of you. One is a future girlfriend.

One is your good brother. Tell me what to do? Now it’s hard for you. If he sided with Mark, surely Edna would be angry with him too. Then all the good images he had worked so hard to build before would be over. But if he denied the brotherhood for Edna, it would be difficult for him to live with Mark when he returned home. “Hello, I hear you mom. I’ll be right back.” James came up with the idea of ​​pretending to be on the phone to get out of this awkward situation.

He walked out with Edna’s puzzled look, but with Mark’s death gaze. Mark certainly knew James was acting. James just left, Mark wanted to leave too. But the tree wants to be still, but the wind does not stop. Edna ran quickly to pull Mark’s hand, but as soon as she touched Mark’s hand, he pushed his hand away. Turning his head coldly, he warned her: “Don’t think everyone is captivated by your beauty.

Stay away from me.” “You have to apologize to me.” Edna still wouldn’t let go. How could Edna let it go when just because Mark touched her, she dropped her phone. Worse still, the screen is broken. Yet he not only did not intend to repay her, but he did not even say an apology. How could she ignore this? This is the phone you just bought. “Everyone has testified that you touched me. You yourself are careless to blame.” Mark is cold.