General Mark Forgive me Chapter 3 (Sovereign Warning)

“But you have to pay me. The phone I just bought.” Edna still did not commit to trying to get justice for herself. “The rich and miserly calculate it so that no ghost will notice.” Mark despised. Driving to school by car and dropping your phone is unreasonable to force others to pay. A girl like that, even if she was a beauty queen, he didn’t want to be friends.

Indeed, God is always fair, giving people one thing will definitely take away another. No one can collect ten bucks like you. Edna glared, she was rich she didn’t know. Her mother opened a restaurant. Her father is a driver. So rich? She thought for a moment and then suddenly understood the problem.

Looks like everyone misunderstood her family background. This morning, she actually went to school by car. But that’s not her car. It is her father’s driver to pick up her father’s boss. She was just getting a ride on her way. If her family has such conditions, then why should she regret this cheap phone. “You have to…” Edna raised her eyebrows and looked in front of her, realizing when Mark had left while she stood there, lost in thought. She sighed as she looked at her broken phone and painfully black screen.

Then this year, she had to save and accumulate money again. *** As soon as Mark got home, he went straight to his room. Go quickly to open the balcony door and then climb over the balcony and jump to the balcony of the next house. blatantly pushed the balcony door into the room. “James, do you want to explain something?” Mark coldly asked James who was sitting leisurely eating fruit and playing games on the bed.

James put his phone aside and looked at Mark. He chewed through the unfinished apple before he spoke: “Classmate.” James said more or less, then continued to calmly play the game. Doesn’t care if Mark gets angry or what he does. But soon he threw the phone aside and sat up to look at Mark. “Why are you and her arguing? Do you want to use arguing with her to give the impression of getting to know her? Isn’t that right?” James narrowed his eyes at Mark.

Mark casually walked over to the fruit plate, took a piece and put it in his mouth. After that, he also climbed onto the bed James lay down and looked at him slowly and answered: “I’m not the type of person who sees beauty blindly, without reason.” “Then why are you and the girl fighting? You say knock. If it’s really you doing it on purpose, I’ll ask for justice on her behalf.” James looked at Mark with sceptical eyes. “Your beauty…” Mark explained everything that happened to James then smirked waiting for his reaction.

Mark thought to himself, he will surely be disillusioned with his goddess. But who knows that James’ thinking is different from ordinary people like him. “The goddess certainly did not disappoint me. The rich still know how to save.” After a moment of silence, James smiled excitedly. Mark’s eyes widened in disbelief at James. Maybe he was distracted by the other girl. He really had nothing more to say to James. He left his house. But before going to the door James called him back: “Hey, absolutely don’t compete with me for the goddess you know. I will never give it up to you. Even if I die, I won’t give up.” “Crazy.”

Mark glared at James and quickly went to the balcony and jumped back to his balcony. Mark did not know that James’ jokes today would come true in the not too distant future. *** Edna just got home when her mother pulled her back. Looking at her daughter’s sullen face, her brow furrowed with worry. Maybe she just went to school one day, her daughter was bullied. “Daughter, what’s wrong? Tell me who bullied you, I’ll ask for justice on your behalf.” Edna’s mother raised an eyebrow at her. “Mom, I accidentally dropped my phone. It’s broken.” Edna hugged her mother and sobbed. She had been trying to control her mood up to this point. But now she couldn’t take it anymore. She had to cry to relieve the pain in her heart. Her number is really unlucky.

I thought it was good luck to get into the school with the first grade, but before the day was over, I was entangled in bad luck. Edna’s mothe r raised her eyebrows and felt sympathy for her daughter. Then feel sorry for her. Even the other phone was because she was saving money to buy it, not asking her parents for money.

Now, unfortunately, it’s ruined, try to ask how it can not hurt. She hugged her and comforted her. “Good boy. I’ll give you some money to buy a new phone.” Edna was crying but immediately restrained herself from crying again. She wiped her tears with her hand and looked into her mother’s eyes and said clearly: “There’s no need. I’ll save the money later so that I can have surgery again. I’ll save it for myself and buy it later.” Edna is a good and understanding girl. Her mother has kidney disease, so the family has long been trying to accumulate enough money to do kidney transplant surgery for her mother. From the age of twelve she started going out to work to earn money.

After school, she works part-time washing dishes at restaurants. Although she is young, she is very careful. The dishwasher has never broken a single one, so the owner is very loving and often gives her more money. She spends the money she earns partly to remove the piggy bank for her mother to have surgery, and partly so that she will buy a phone in the tenth grade. But the result I just bought has not been used for many hours and it is already broken. Is it sad? Edna’s mother loved her daughter very much, knowing that she was filial, so she did not try to force her further. Mother and daughter looked at each other and smiled and went into the kitchen.

Today is her first day of school, so her mother closed the restaurant to cook a small celebration for her. Now mother and daughter are preparing together, just waiting for her father to come home from work to eat right away. *** Second school day. Early in the morning James got up very early. Much earlier than usual. Because you need to take care of your appearance. Studying with the goddess, if you want to go with the goddess, you must also be a person with worthy beauty. even a person who has never used perfume like him bought a bottle online because of Edna that night.

Because he had just placed an order, it was not delivered in time this morning, so he sneaked into his mother’s room. While his parents were preparing breakfast, the person taking the bath, he sneaked into his room, stole a bottle of his father’s perfume and sprayed it on him, then quickly put it back in place and ran back to his room. “James came down for breakfast while he was at school.” James’s mother shouted from downstairs to call him.

He stood at the door of the waiting room waiting for his father to go out of the room before he followed behind. He calmly sat down at the table. James’s mother has sharp eyes, she looked once and discovered that James had something unusual. You seem to be dressed more carefully today. Even the hairstyle flows to the shine. She sniffed, then squinted at James suspiciously and asked: “James, are you wearing perfume?” “No. Mom must have smelled the perfume on Dad.” James nonchalantly replied.

Then calmly eat breakfast like I just didn’t do anything against my conscience. James’s mother was still suspiciously squinting at James. Today he was really strange, maybe he just came to school to enroll, so he noticed a girl, so today was so strange. James’s father did not care, he ate breakfast while reading the newspaper. but suddenly he put down the newspaper in his hand and turned his head to speak to James’ mother as well as to James intentionally. “I had a meeting with the department inspector today, and heard that he is allergic to perfume, so I did not wear perfume this morning.” James was holding a glass of milk to drink, suddenly choking on coughing and spitting out the milk.

So your dad didn’t spray perfume today. How can you be so unlucky? I thought this calculation was a decade and a half, but I didn’t expect it to fail at the last minute. Knowing that, he didn’t eat breakfast but went to school. That way his mother wouldn’t be able to see anything unusual from him. Now it’s good to jump into the Yellow River and not wash it clean.