General Mark Forgive me Chapter 4 (Surprise in the Toilet)

General Mark Forgive me Novel

“Want to explain a bit?” James’s mother raised an eyebrow and asked James. James’s father again pretended that it had nothing to do with him and continued to pick up the newspaper and continue reading. But behind the newspaper he was looking curious, he was also waiting for an explanation from James. his son suddenly became in good shape, there was no doubt only one reason.

Maybe the boy’s feet already have someone he likes. Because in the past, it was the same with his mother James. “Mom, I just…” James didn’t have time to finish explaining when he heard Mark calling from outside. “James, go to school.” James was overjoyed, he had never felt Mark’s call so lovely.

If his mother knew that he was interested in a girl, she would surely tease him to death. He quickly stood up to say goodbye to the two and quickly ran outside. *** Edna didn’t understand why she had just come to school and felt a pain in her stomach. Perhaps because she ate too much yesterday, after one night the things in her stomach began to fight with each other. She rushed to the bathroom.

After dealing with her grief for a while, she felt better, and her stomach was no longer upset. She breathed a sigh of relief, fortunately she didn’t have diarrhea or else she would make fun of the whole class in class today. Even then she will have a new nickname, being a toilet beauty is hard. She was about to open the door to go out, when suddenly the next room cut out strange noises.

She frowned and put her ear to the door hoping to hear better. “You’re light, it’s so early in the morning.” “I can’t stand it.” “Um… um.” Edna blushed and covered her mouth so as not to make a sound in surprise. She was afraid that if she was discovered by someone next door, she would kill her. Really unbelievable, this is a high school not a university. How could this happen? Moreover, this is also a women’s restroom.

That classmate is also really brave, aren’t you afraid that some female friend who comes in here will see him come out of the girls’ restroom and say he’s perverted? But most importantly, what should she do now? If she pushed open the door like that, the person next to her would find someone next to their room.

Moreover, they don’t seem to have solved it yet, she might make them lose interest in doing so. Although she does not support this, she also understands that it is very unethical to disturb the good things of others. “Hurry up a bit more. Um.” “Be good baby, I’ll make you happy.” “Um…um…” Edna’s face turned redder and redder. She put her hand over hers.

Obviously, I didn’t hear it clearly before, but now I hear it more and more clearly. She gently pushed the toilet lid back. Then sit there and wait. However, she felt that the time was long enough, so she removed her hand and looked at the clock. She was afraid that if she stayed here too long, she would be late for class. Unexpectedly, the next room was still fighting, the female classmate’s groans were still coming out. She was dumbfounded, this classmate’s strength was also really strong.

Of course, youth is strong. “Isn’t there a math class this morning?” Both frustrated and admiring the two roommates next door. Edna technology saw the sound of girls talking outside. After that, she couldn’t hear any more moans from the girl next door. She sighed in relief and pushed the door open.

When she passed by, the two girls who just walked in smiled and said thank you, making them not understand why she thanked them. “Good morning Edna, how are you? Fever? Your face is so red.” Edna had just walked to the door of the classroom when James gave her breakfast and took care of her. She involuntarily raised her hand to touch her face. Wasn’t her face red because of what happened in the bathroom just now.

What disease is sick, what fever is fever. She glared at James and walked into the classroom. She also didn’t understand why she didn’t like this new classmate. The first time she heard him introduce herself, she felt that she didn’t like him. Jam es did not care about her attitude of ignoring him. He ran to his seat.

The main position is behind Edna’s back. Before, it wasn’t his place here, because yesterday he was arranged to be late compared to many friends, so he didn’t get a good position like sitting near her. This morning he had to buy breakfast, and a cup of milk tea to exchange with the classmate who gave him this position.

He feels lucky that the other classmate is a foodie, otherwise he certainly can’t be bribed to change places. “Have you eaten breakfast? Don’t be afraid to accept it. Hungry in the morning will affect your brain, studying will not be good.” James still refused to give up. He brought her breakfast from behind Edna. Edna startled, turning her head behind her. She rolled her eyes at the sight of James. Why is he sitting behind her? Obviously, it was a female classmate before that.

His place is on the other side of the table. She glanced at his old position and found that the female classmate was already seated there. “You can eat, or you won’t be able to eat if you don’t go to school.” James still didn’t care about Edna’s cold, seemingly disliking attitude. He continued to be thick-skinned. Because last night he thought very carefully. It is often said that in order to pursue a girlfriend, you need to have perseverance. I can’t get angry no matter what, can’t react to let her see I’m unhappy. “Don’t eat.

You’re a guy, why are you talking more than me?” Edna spoke up in annoyance and turned her head. It’s really unbearable. The boy thought she misjudged his gender. She talked so much that she was dizzy all the time. I don’t know how I can get into this class. James’s mouth twitched slightly, are you criticizing him for talking too much? So you don’t like guys who talk a lot, right? Okay, so from now on you will limit talking and just doing.

James didn’t say any more, he got up, took the breakfast and put it on her table and went back to the table to sit down. He also caught sight of her wide eyes. But he also pretended not to see. He thought she would give it back to him, because it was obvious that she didn’t like it. but she did not do so, on the contrary, she gave it to a classmate next to her. Are you mad at him?

The school bell rang, all classmates quickly got into their seats. There was a female classmate who came in late, so he rushed in. It seemed that she got up late this morning and had to run fast, so on her forehead, Edna could see drops of sweat. Even the clothes are a bit untidy. Edna did not know that the girl who had just entered the last class was the female classmate next to her bathroom.

It was the same female classmate who did it in the early morning. Until the other girl was called by the teacher to answer the question. Edna was surprised to hear her classmate’s voice. She was so shocked that she almost couldn’t believe her ears. “Selina, you did a great job.” “Thank you, teacher.” Edna couldn’t help but turn her head slightly and glance in Selina’s direction.

This classmate is very pretty, not a simple beauty but a charming beauty. She looks like a beautiful actress coming out of the screen. “Edna.” The teacher called her name, which brought her back to her senses. Of course, she easily answered the teacher’s question. Entering this school, this class, she was not lucky.

It was because of her true strength. She was determined to study well, earn a lot of money to take care of her parents to live a happy life. Her parents have suffered because of her too much. especially her mother, who was ill and had to work hard to earn money to support her education. “Let’s all vote. Selina and Edna, who will be our class president?”

Edna also did not expect that she would run for class president, so she also ran with the other female friend. Soon her name appeared in the mouths of her classmates. They kept shouting her name and of course Selina. “Selina will be our class president. Edna will be the Class Vice.” After a moment of voting, the teacher announced.