General Mark Forgive me Chapter 5 (Edna is in Danger)

General Mark Forgive me Novel

After school, Selina walked back to Edna’s path. “Why do you keep looking at me? You’re not willing to lose to me?” Selina is very sensitive to other people’s eyes, so she noticed it when others were sneaking a peek at her. “I’m better than you in the moral part.” Edna said calmly and passed Selina out of the classroom.

Selina clenched her fist, what did she mean by that? What does she mean? Did she see something? Could it be that the person in the toilet next to her at that time was her. Selina’s intuition said it was very likely to happen. she will definitely let her know her identity, keep her mouth shut and don’t meddle in other people’s affairs.

Her cold eyes looked in the direction Edna had just gone. “Selina, let’s love each other.” Selina smiled when a male friend stood outside the door calling her. Because there was no one around in class and around, she very naturally walked over and kissed the other boy on the lips.

The other boy immediately pulled her back into the classroom and pressed her against the wall and kissed her fiercely. His hand didn’t even bother to slip under her skirt. Another hand also slipped into her shirt and moved.

Selina pushed him away with a charming smile and whispered in his ear: “If you want to, go somewhere else, it’s not suitable here.” The heavy-breathed friend took a nostalgic breath, licked her neck and pulled her quickly towards the bathroom.

When the two of them crossed the corner, they did not see a girl hiding there. Edna covered her mouth so as not to let out a voice to be discovered by them. She had just walked out of the classroom when she remembered that she forgot because the money was in the desk, so she went back to get it.

Unexpectedly, as soon as she approached the classroom door, she saw the scene of Selina passionately kissing a male friend. She guessed it was most likely the male friend who had sex with her in the bathroom. She didn’t think that just this morning they had been intimately intimate with each other, but now they still couldn’t find a place to hide. She feels that Selina is a girl who lives too freely.

Fortunately, the two just stopped kissing without doing any other actions. She breathed a sigh of relief. But look at the hasty attitude of that classmate. She guessed they were looking for another place to continue, and the direction she saw them coming was the restroom. Edna didn’t want to notice anymore.

She quickly went to class to get her purse and left the school to go home. Though it all ended there. But the next day, after school, she was stopped by a group of classmates. The leader of that group she didn’t know, so she didn’t understand why they wanted to mess with her. “Who are you? I don’t know you, get out of my way. Or I’ll scream.” Edna frowned as she spoke to the crowd.

Suddenly from behind, a girl with a beautiful face and a charming smile stepped forward. That girl is no stranger to Selina. Edna stared in amazement at the friend she had just met in class not long ago. “Do you know me?” Selina smiled seductively, wrapped her arms around the waist of the top guy and looked at Edna. Edna of course s aw the relationship between the other boy and Selina, but she didn’t expect her to change her boyfriend so quickly. Yesterday the person she saw with her was not this classmate.

Look at that friend more scholarly. “Darling, this girl in class dares to bully me. You must avenge her for me. I love her for being a Virgo.” Selina whispered in her classmate’s ear, but those around her, including Edna, also heard her clearly. Edna frowned, suddenly feeling nervous. She is not stupid but wastes words to explain.

Apparently Selina is deliberately trying to get revenge on her. but did you hold any grudges or insults with her before? You didn’t tell anyone what you saw yesterday, didn’t you? Edna was not willing, so hesitantly asked Selina: “Why do you want to harm me? Have I offended you?” “Edna, stop acting. No one will fool you.” Selina said coldly. Today, she had to make little Edna a girl who was played by many boys.

Let’s see if he dares to tell the teacher about her story in the future? Fortunately, she had asked for a witness if she was not sure that this semester she had been downgraded by a rank or two in conduct. The end-of-semester scholarship is no longer a dream. She did not see the person who came to accuse her of having an affair with a classmate. But she was sure it was Edna and no one else. because she recognized her that day, so she stared at her in class. After that, she also lost to her in the class president vote. So she held a grudge and wanted to harm her.

Edna was scared, she turned and ran. But they had too many people she couldn’t run away from. Looking at the lustful faces of the people in front of her felt disgust. Especially Selina, she felt afraid of her. As classmates, how could she be so cruel? “You guys release me. Selina why are you treating me like this? Can anyone help me out.” Edna screamed in panic. A classmate held her hands behind her back.

Another boy slapped her hard in the face, making her so much pain that she couldn’t scream for help anymore. “Don’t do it in the middle of the road, drag her inside the flowerbed. Remember to record the video. I’ll go first.” Selina said to the group and then decided to leave first. However, she was pulled back by the head friend who held her hand. “Where do you want to go? You haven’t paid me yet.” The guy in the lead smiled and looked at Selina with his eyes filled with lust. “Isn’t the remuneration here? She’s a lot more virgin than me.” Selina was surprised and then quickly answered.

“But I wanted you, and she let them.” The friend reached out his hand to pull her closer, bowing his head and biting her neck lightly. Selina breathed heavily, moaning softly at the action his friend was doing to her. She immediately nodded in agreement and followed the lead friend out of there.

Edna glanced at Selina who was gone from her gritting her teeth, tears falling from her eyes. She knew that no one could save her today. She could not escape the fate of being raped. The other three men dragged her into the flowerbed to take turns raping her. But before he could do that, a cold voice came out. “What are you guys doing?”