Hybrid Aria by Jessica Hall Chapter 28

Aria’s POV

Once back at the house, we headed straight towards the kitchen. I brewed coffee while David went and took a seat at the table. Mitch just lingered in the kitchen watching, keeping a watchful eye. David’s whole demeanour changed once I sat across from him. He suddenly became extremely nervous like he didn’t know how to start. I sipped my coffee and watched as he did the same. He kept glancing towards Mitch like he didn’t want to speak in front of him.

“Does your friend need to stay?” he asked. I looked towards Mitch who was sitting at the counter reading the newspaper, having heard David speak, he looked up.

“I’m not going anywhere, so pretend I’m not here,” he confirmed what I already knew. Reid had given him strict orders that under no circumstances I was to be left alone with Alpha David.

David realising this turned back to me while Mitch turned back to his newspaper and coffee.

“So, what did you want to talk about?” I asked, breaking the silence that seemed to be drawing on. I just wanted to get this over with.

“Well first, I wanted to say thank you for allowing me to try and form a relationship with Lily, I know it must be hard considering the past,” I scoffed at his use of words, he was really trying not to mention any details, but at least he was attempting to apologise. Seeing my reaction, he put his head down. “Look Aria, I wasn’t all bad. Before your mother died, I was a good stepfather, a good husband. It was just difficult after your mother died. I couldn’t cope with losing her. I loved your mother, Aria.”

“I know that, David, I do. I understand to a certain point now. I spoke to Reid; his father never recovered from losing his mate either. Now having Reid, I can’t imagine life without him. That’s not my problem though. I know who you are capable of being. I also know what you’re capable of doing. I won’t allow Lily to be put through that again. I know she is your daughter, but I am the one who raised her.”

David seemed to be thinking, I could tell he was uncomfortable with being called out for his shit, and I could also see he really was trying to apologise for his actions.

“I do have a question for you, though,” I said. He lifted his head and looked at me, his face unreadable. “Why didn’t you tell me about Zoe? Why did you stop her from being a part of our lives?”

David sat back in the chair like he was trying to find the words. “If you knew about Zoe, you could have left, and she was a part of your mother’s old life, the life she had with your father. I guess I was jealous that your mother loved someone other than me. I made it no secret that I felt betrayed that she had a child with someone who wasn’t her mate, so I made her cut ties with her family.” I was appalled at his reasoning. He basically made my mother choose her family or her mate, which it’s almost impossible to go against the mate bond.

David seemed to grow tense under my glare. I didn’t even realise I was glaring at him until I saw him look to Mitch, who was already on his feet staring at me. I closed my eyes and took some deep breaths through my nose, I could feel my fangs protruding and taste my own blood in my mouth. Regaining control, I relaxed. That was the first time I had actually managed to gain full control of my emotions and instincts. David’s answer was so selfish it made my blood boil.

Once I was settled down, I grabbed my coffee and let the burn from the scolding liquid distract me from ripping him apart. I had no doubt in my mind now that if it came to that, I could easily overpower and kill him. I couldn’t do that though I had to think of Lily.

“So, after Mum died, what was your excuse for not letting her see us? And don’t say it was me running off because you and I both know I would never leave Lily in your care.” He went to protest but shut his mouth.

“Well after your mother died, I just didn’t see the point in bringing it up. You lived without her, so what’s the point? Then when you started working there, I was quite shocked she didn’t tell.”

“She didn’t say anything because she knew I would never leave Lily behind, and also so you wouldn’t stop us from seeing her. She didn’t care what sort of contact she had with us, she just wanted to be a part of our lives.” David nodded his head in understanding. Listening to my words before speaking again.

“Well… so how do we go about this whole custody agreement?”

“What agreement, David? I haven’t agreed to anything. Lily will remain with me until you either prove yourself, or she is old enough to choose.”

“But surely, we can organise some routine so I can spend some time with her, or maybe even a time when you and Lily come and stay at the Pack house, so she is still around her Pack members?”

Mitch seemed to stiffen at the last part. There would be little chance of Reid ever letting me go back to my old Pack. “You would have to speak to Reid about that, David.”

“But he isn’t Lily’s father. I should have some say,”

“I’m his mate, I will not go against him. If he won’t allow me to stay at our old Pack house, then I am sorry David, but I will not allow you to be alone with Lily without me there. I didn’t do this, you did. You made your bed so, for now, you need to lay in it and do things on my terms. If you don’t agree to it, that is fine, I understand. But you won’t be seeing Lily until I say so or she is old enough to understand and decide for herself.” I would never back down when it comes to Lily’s safety, and I had to lay it all out there because if he thinks I am just going to be pushed to the side and let him take over, he is sadly mistaken. I won’t allow him to damage my sister any more than he already has.

David stood up about to protest, I remained seated, keeping calm. Mitch stood up and started making his way towards the table when Alpha David looked in his direction, he sighed before reigning in his emotions.

“I see at the moment we aren’t going to agree on anything, I really need to talk to you about something else but wish to do so in private” Mitches phone suddenly started ringing, cutting David off. David looked at Mitch, who answered it. It was clear he was on the phone to Reid. “Some other time then Aria, can I pick Lily up after school with you?”

I nodded in agreement and told him to meet me in front of the school at 2:20. I promised I would stop in early to meet her classmates and teacher. That would also give me enough time to let the warriors that patrol the border to allow David back into the territory.

I escorted David out and watched him leave. Walking back inside, I was suddenly stopped by Mitch. He was carrying my jacket and had keys in his hand. “Come on Ari, Alpha wants you to come to meet him at his office. You really need to reign in your emotions. He has been hounding me the entire time you were talking to David, and now he is that anxious, he has ordered I bring you to him.” I rolled my eyes at him, I could just overthrow him, but I know that would not only piss Reid off but also Ryder. The last thing I need is an angry possessive werewolf on a rampage to hunt me down so I decided it is best to go willingly.

Driving through the city, it was just starting to rain clouds rolling in from the mountains. The sky was grey, and the weather was turning miserable. When we reached the skyrise that was owned by the Pack, I made my way inside. The foyer was large; the marble floors made my wet sneakers squeak when I walked. At the front was a woman who, when I approached, bowed her head before telling me to catch the lift to the top floor.

Everything was so clean and polished, I could see my reflection in the buttons on the elevator, they were that shiny. When I got to the top floor, the elevator dinged as the doors opened. This office space was incredibly fancy, just what you would expect to find in a CEO’s floor, everything was state of the art. The secretary at the front was a middle-aged woman in a pinstripe suit, she had glasses perched on the end of her nose and was gazing at her computer screen. When I approached, she looked up with a huge smile on her face.

“Good morning, Luna.” I waved her off.

“Call me Aria. I am still not used to that title yet,” I told her. She looked at me, nodding understandably.

“Alpha said to just go into his office.” She told me, pointing to the blacked-out glass windows behind her. I couldn’t see in the windows were tinted darkly, upon opening the door though his office kind of resembled the one at home.

Everything was clean and tidy with the same oak furniture; the only difference was the size of the room. It was huge, and the view from the floor to ceiling windows overlooked the entire city. Walking over I looked out and the view was breathtaking.

I stayed there looking out the window. I could just make out all the different territories in the distance. I was so absorbed in what I could see that I didn’t hear Reid sneak in behind me. His arms wrapped around my waist, pulling me flush against his chest. His face pressing to the side of my neck as he breathed in my scent. Tingles and sparks ran through my body straight to my clit. “Hmmm,” his voice changed to one of desire. I could feel his hard rod pressing into my arse. Deciding to tease him a little, I pushed my arse into him, making him groan. Reid’s hands snaked under my shirt, and under my bra, he pinched my left nipple between his fingers while his other hand travelled south into my pants. Reid’s finger pressing softly against my clit, his fingers moving torturously slow, my head rolled back onto his shoulder, Reid started kissing and sucking on my neck. Turning my head slightly, Reid claimed my lips with his, his fingers moving faster rubbing building me up, I moaned into his mouth.

Reid pushed his erection into me, and I reached back and grasped him through his pants. Reid growled before pulling his hand from my pants which earned him an annoyed growl from me. He smiled before shoving me towards his desk.

“You have no idea how much I have wanted to bend you over my desk and fuck you.” Before I could say anything, Reid spun me around. “Hands flat against the desk.”

I obeyed, placing both hands on the desk while he pulled my pants down, forcing me to step out of them. “Open your legs,” he ordered, kicking my feet apart further with his own. I moved my feet, excitement flashed through me at his demand. I could feel Reid’s hand between my legs playing with my slit before he rammed two fingers inside me. I moaned at the sudden intrusion. Reid moved his fingers in out of me slowly, so slowly I actually started pushing into him trying to get more friction and make him move faster. Reid’s other hand snaked around my body back under my shirt and he squeezed my nipple hard making me cry out. It hurt but also kind of felt good, he is walking a fine line between pleasure and pain.

Moving his finger’s faster, he built up my orgasm, only to pull his fingers from me entirely, leaving me feeling empty and frustrated. He kept repeating this until I cried out in annoyance. Just when I thought he was about to do it again, I felt something larger and a lot harder press between my legs. Reid’s hand on my shoulder shoved me, so I was completely bent over his desk, my breasts pressing into the cold surface of the desk.

Positioning himself at my entrance, Reid slammed into me hard, my body jerked forward, my hips hitting painfully on the desk, but I didn’t care. Reid relentlessly pounding his cock into me had me writhing and moaning in pleasure, finally getting the release I needed. When my pussy started to clamp around his cock, he picked up his pace slamming into me harder and faster. My orgasm came on hard and fast, my body twitching as Reid held me in place. In this moment I couldn’t care less if anyone walked in and caught us, my body ached, and I was exhausted, my whole body completely relaxed while I rode out my orgasm, all the while Reid pounded into me until I felt him slow his pace before I could feel his warm cum shooting into me, coating my insides.