Hybrid Aria by Jessica Hall Chapter 31

Aria’s POV
“I know you’re hiding something, what is going on Aria?” Reid asked.
Choosing to ignore him, I walked into the house. I have my suspicions on who might be behind this, but until I have proof or confront him about it, I can’t very well go causing a war on a feeling. I would hate for Reid to go kill him, then later find out he wasn’t behind it. Reid followed me into the house. Walking into the kitchen, Wendy and Christine were making the kids afternoon tea. Reid not wanting to cause a scene in front of the kids, let me be. I knew this wouldn’t be the end of this discussion. I quickly made coffee for everyone before sitting at the dining table. Lily excitedly showed me her paintings they had done in class today. I watched but had trouble showing the enthusiasm she had about them.

I couldn’t stop thinking about what an impact this will have on Lily if it is Alpha David who leaked information. I know Reid/Ryder would go berserk if they knew what I was thinking, but it was slowly eating away at me. I could feel it in every atom of my body that I was right. But now what, killing him doesn’t change the fact that they have come out of hiding after years of keeping a low profile. When Lily got up to go play in the rec room, I followed her out, leaving her to play with Amber. I walked upstairs. I could feel Reid’s lingering gaze on my back, I needed answers, and I know what he is going to say already, but I have no choice. I need to know, and I need to try and fix it.

Walking into the closet, I grabbed a jacket. Reid is going to pitch a fit when he finds out I plan on leaving to go to the Black Moon Pack, but the way I see it, he either comes with me and waits outside, which I know he won’t do, or shuts his mouth and lets me go alone. I kind of need him to let me go alone, though. David will not admit anything if Reid is there. Just as I finished zipping the jacket up, in walked Reid. As soon as he saw me dressed and ready to leave, he crossed his arms over his chest and blocked my exit.

“Where do you think you are going?”

“I need to go see David,” I tried to step past him, but his grip on my upper arm stopped me. Pulling me, so I was facing him directly. I huffed annoyed.

“You just saw David, why would you need to see him? Just ring him,”

“I know, but I need to speak to him privately,” I said, crossing my own arms across my chest to match his annoyed and angry stance.

“Nice try, you’re not going anywhere, Ari,” I rolled my eyes annoyed at his childish behaviour. He needs to realise I am not some pathetic little girl. I am quite capable of taking care of myself.

“I will take Zane if it makes you feel any better.”

“So, you will take my Beta, but I can’t come?” I could feel his jealousy leaking into me through the bond. I raised an eyebrow.

“Really, you’re jealous of your own Beta? Come on, Reid. I won’t be gone for long just a few hours at most.”

“Few hours? What the fuck could you possibly need to be gone that long for? I said no, and that’s final.”

Knowing he wasn’t going to change his mind, I waited for him to turn his back and leapt at him. He didn’t see it coming. I latched my arms around his shoulders, he tried to throw me off, but I was stronger but not by much. Now he is going to find out what it’s like to be put to sleep.

I struggled to get a good angle, as he kept trying to throw me off, falling backwards on the bed, he was suddenly on top of me, his back to my chest. Wrapping my legs around his waist, I tried to hold him in place. I could hear Zane running up the steps leading toward our room, I needed to be quick before Zane stopped me. Reid hearing Zane’s footsteps on the stairs as well turned to look at the door, he turned just enough that I got a good view of his neck and I took my opportunity.

My fangs extended and I sank them straight into his neck, I drank greedily, my hunger kicking in at the first taste of his sweet blood flooding my mouth, he moaned involuntarily when my teeth bit down into his flesh. I could feel his blood running down my chin and neck as he struggled to throw me off. His movements became jerky, and I could hear his heart rate slow, feeling him go slack, I unlatched my fangs from his neck just as Zane threw the door open. Shoving him off me, I got up and wiped my mouth and neck on a towel, cleaning the blood off.

“What the fuck have you done?”

“Nothing, now calm down, he is still alive. His wolf genes will kick in after a while, he should be fine.”


“I promise he is fine; I can still hear his heart beating.” Zane listened, picking up Reid’s faint heartbeat before nodding his head.

“Is there a reason you put the Alpha to sleep?” he asked, confused.

“Well first, he deserved a taste of his own medicine, and second, I need to go to the Black Moon Pack, and you’re coming with me.”

“Why not ring?” It was the exact question Reid asked. I need to see David; I knew I could catch him out on a lie if he was in front of me. Over the phone not so much.

“Stop your questions and help me tie him up,” I said motioning to Reid.

“Come again?”

Seriously, do I have to explain everything? “If he wakes up, he is going to come looking for me, help me tie him up, where are some chains?”

“Nope I’m out, you are nuts. He will kill me slowly, you – he will just kill.” I rolled my eyes, walking over to Zane, I gripped his face forcing him to look at me.

“Go get the chains now,” I told him using my Alpha voice. He rushed to do as he was told, not being able to fight my command. Dragging Reid up the bed closer to the headboard, I placed his head on a pillow and tucked him in. I laughed at the thought of tucking in the big bad Alpha, not so big and scary now are ya. I thought to myself.

Zane came back with some chains and two padlocks, I quickly wrapped them around his wrist then the foot of the bed on each side. I know it won’t hold if he shifts, but I am hoping we will be back before then if he does wake up with any luck, the chains slow him down a little.

“Now what?”

“You and I are leaving, tell Mitch to watch the girls.” Zane nodded and walked out. I walked over to Reid and kissed his lips. “Sorry, but you kind of deserved it, so I’m not really sorry,” I told him, chuckling on my way out and down the stairs.

Getting in the car, we drove quickly to the Black Moon Pack border, upon arrival, two wolves stepped out but motioned us to drive through. We drove right up to the Pack house porch parking next to the steps.

“Ari, what are you doing here? Where is Reid?”

“Sleeping, I need to speak to you” Alpha David looked uncertain when Zane stepped out of the car. “He is fine, he won’t cause any trouble” Alpha David gave Zane one last glance before showing us inside. Not that I needed showing I lived here most of my life, I followed after him anyway.

“Zane, go talk with Michael, I will be back soon,” I said, leaving Zane in the loungeroom with Michael and his wife. Zane I could tell wasn’t happy but didn’t argue. I followed David to his office. Once inside, David took his seat behind the desk. I decided not to waste any time and got straight to the point. Time wasn’t on our side, Reid will wake and come looking for me. “I know it was you,” I told him, taking a seat across from him.

Alpha David looked at me, confused. “I know it was you, who told the Hunters about me.” I clarified.

He went to shake his head, but I stopped him. “Don’t deny it, I can tell when you’re lying” He appeared to think for a minute, his eyebrows furrowed, and he pinched the bridge of his nose before letting out a breath and looking at me.

“I’m sorry, I thought you were going to take Lily from me, so I thought if I got you out of the way, Lily would be forced home, then after you and I came up with an agreement, I tried to tell you earlier to warn you, but someone is always with you. I didn’t want to jeopardise our arrangement,” I sighed, relieved my instincts were correct. I also had something else that had been eating at me since I first suspected, he was the one who was giving out information. “How do you know how to contact them?”

Alpha David looked taken back by my question but answered anyway. “I grew up with one of them. They aren’t all bad, but most are raised from childhood to be Hunters. It is taught and passed down the family, generation after generation, doesn’t mean they all agree. A lot of them don’t have a choice,” I thought for a few minutes before asking my next question.

“It was you, wasn’t it? You knew Mum was your mate, so you told the Hunters to kill my father,” I didn’t ask it as a question, I knew I was right. He was the reason my father was dead, and my grandfather. His selfishness killed them. “How long did you know Mum was your mate before you had him killed?”