Hybrid Aria by Jessica Hall Chapter 37

Aria’s POV

I was expecting this. This was the exact reason I didn’t want to say anything in front of Reid. The fire in his eyes showed his fury. Although I knew he wouldn’t hurt me, I still feared what he would do next. He was pacing back and forth, I could tell he was trying not to let Ryder out, who I could tell was just below the surface waiting to pounce on me.

When he stopped, I froze holding my breath, waiting for him to speak. Only he didn’t. He walked over and grabbed my hand, ripping me to my feet with so much force, I was thrown into him. I smacked into his chest. He stormed out of the room, pulling me with him. I tried to pull my hand from his iron grip, he stopped in the hallway out front of the infirmary.

“Don’t,” he warned as I tried yet again to free my hand. One word but the malice in it made me freeze. Pulling me towards the stairs, Wendy and Zane stepped out of the rec room to see what the commotion was that had Reid so angry.

“Everything okay, Boss?” Zane asked, glancing at me before stepping out of the way, as Reid pushed past him. I watched as he pressed on the wall next to the stairs. The wall opened up to a concrete stairwell leading underneath the house. I pulled my arm back, trying to yank it free. Wendy and Zane glanced between each other, trying to figure out what was going on. I looked around panicking trying to find an escape, but there weren’t any. Reid stopped trying to pull me down the stairs, realising I wouldn’t go willingly. Instead threw me over his shoulder while I struggled to get free.

“Reid, stop. Let’s talk about this.” He ignored my pleas. I could hear his footsteps echoing on the concrete floor as he marched down them.

Zane and Wendy looked on horrified, as I was thrown into a cell and dumped on the bed.

“Boss, what’s going on?” Wendy asked, running to my side and wrapping her arm around my shoulders.

“Any of you let her out, and you will have me to deal with.” They looked at me wondering what it was I had done that would earn such treatment. “Now get out.” Both of them bolted from the room. I heard Wendy’s voice creep into my mind.

“What did you do, Aria?” Her panicked voice quickly leaving as Reid gripped my shoulders, shaking me out of the mind-link.

“You ask them to let you out, and I will kill them. Do you understand, Aria? Their deaths will be on your hands.”

“You’re being irrational. You can’t keep me here, what is that going to do?” Reid paced around trying to think.

“I will not have you murder my child.”

“So, what your going to keep me here until I spit out this baby?”

“Yes, if I have too. After that I will let you out. You don’t get to choose this; this decision isn’t yours.”

I cut him off. “The Moon Goddess has no right choosing my life, Reid. This is my choice. It’s my body.” He lost it; I was shoved into the wall, his hands on either side of my arms while his face was barely an inch off mine. Ryder’s eyes coming to the surface, burning rage simmering in the eyes of his beast. His voice distorted as his growl shocked me to the core, making my hair stand on end.

“Anything happens to that baby you are carrying, I will not only end you but everyone you love.” His voice was cold and emotionless. It chilled me to the bone. I knew he wasn’t bluffing. Ryder wasn’t like Reid, he wasn’t rational. Ryder acted out of instinct and anger, any emotion setting him off. I hated to admit that I did fear him when he was like this. I knew his threats weren’t empty, they were a promise. One I knew he would keep if I pushed him. My mind went to Lily. Would Ryder really kill her? Would Reid let him?

The knowing glint in his eyes showed he knew where my mind went first. Where it always goes first, Lily. Everything I have done is for her. I would never willingly put her in danger. I would give my last breath for her; she is and always will be put above my own life. Ryder, realising I understood, retreated. Reid’s silver eyes came back, showing Ryder had given him control back.

Reid kissed my forehead and then stood up, walking out, closing the concrete door behind him. I ran towards it, but it clicked into place, effectively locking it before I even had a chance to try and escape. I sat back on the bed, looking around at my new living arrangements. It consisted of a bed with a rubber mattress and a steel toilet with a sink attached up the top. This was a prison cell, usually prison cells were for rogues. It was cold and damp. There weren’t any windows, so I couldn’t see outside and the only lighting I had was from the fluorescent light beaming brightly above me.

Deciding to lay down, I pulled the thin sheet over me. Trying to get some sort of warmth. After a while, I felt myself doze off. I wasn’t sure how long I was asleep for when I was awoken by the sounds of footsteps on the stairs outside the door. I felt like it had only been a few minutes but could have been hours.

Reid opened the door, stepping in, only to close it behind him. I sat up. Reid had a pillow and some blankets in his arms, as well as some food. I watched as he placed it on the end of the bed and walked out again, not saying a single word to me. I grabbed the blanket, wrapping it around me. The food didn’t tempt me in the slightest, all it did was make me crinkle my nose from the strong smell of the cheese. I usually liked grilled cheese, but now, I couldn’t stand the smell of it or food in general. Laying back down, I soon forgot about the smell as I went back to sleep.

I dreamt of Lily when she was a baby, only this wasn’t a good dream. A dream of David taking her away, of never seeing her again as she was ripped from my arms, screaming, crying out for me. I screamed and smacked into him trying to get him to give her back, only for him to turn around, and no baby was in his arms, fear running through me at his empty arms. I awoke covered in sweat, my heart pounding in my chest as I tried to adjust to the bright light. Only I wasn’t alone, Reid was watching me. An indecipherable look on his face.

“You have been asleep for three days. I asked your father and Mavis. They said it is normal. That its because the baby is growing more rapidly, faster everyday.” I mulled over his words.

I noticed my clothes were different. I was in flannelette pyjamas and had white socks on. Did I really sleep that heavily? How did I not wake up?

“I will let you upstairs to shower. You try anything, anything at all, Aria…”

“I won’t.” I whispered, cutting him off and looking at the open door. My throat felt dry and itchy having not used it for days apparently. Reid nodded and stood up, walking to the door. He waited for me to follow. I sat up stretching, stretching felt different. I felt different, looking down to notice the small bump at the bottom of my abdomen. That’s impossible, it’s been three days and I could already see a slight bump proving my pregnancy was progressing. My hand went to it, to see if it was real and it was. The bump was really there. Reid watched me carefully like he thought I was going to hurt myself. Pulling my top down, I heard him let out a breath.

“Where is everyone?”

“They are upstairs, you won’t be speaking to anyone Aria.”

“Can I at least see Lily?” Reid turned back to the door, holding his head high ignoring my question.

“I don’t have all day, hurry up,” Reid said. He held so much hatred behind his words. It saddened me that one question could turn him against me. Why did I ask Mavis in front of him? I felt stupid.

I walked over to the door, and Reid gripped my arm and pulled me to the stairs leading into the house. Once we were standing in the foyer, I mind-linked Lily.

“Where are you, Lil?”

“Ari? I’m in the yard playing, where have you been? Reid said you are having a baby,” she squealed in my head excitedly. I held my head as her squeal vibrated through me like a freight train.

“Shh, Reid has let me out to shower. Come to the bedroom.”

“I can’t Ari. Reid said I can’t see you until he says.” I looked at Reid who was watching me. He could tell I was mind-linking, probably even listening into my thoughts. I tried to shove him out, but he shoved harder, forcing himself back in.

“Aria, I will only warn you once, or I will take you back to your cell.” I looked back at the stairs leading back below the house. I didn’t want to go back down there, it was cold and too quiet. I started walking up the stairs towards our bedroom. Walking past the infirmary and past all the bedrooms before climbing the stairs that lead to the bedroom.

Opening the door, I could barely smell Reid’s scent in the room. It was only faint like he hadn’t spent much time in here. He answered my thoughts.

“I have trouble sleeping knowing you are locked down there.” He did sound tired. But I refused to feel sorry for him. I didn’t want to be locked down there, that’s on him, not me. Walking into the bathroom, I found fresh clothes sitting on the edge of the sink basin, I really needed to pee. I went to close the door, Reid forcing it open as he stepped into the bathroom. “Door stays open.”

“I need to pee,” I told him. He turned to glare at me.

“Door stays open,” he said emphasising the word open. He turned his back on me waiting for me to go. I refused; I was not comfortable going to the toilet with him standing there. Reid, seeing me refuse, walked over to the sink basin and turned it on.

“There, better?” He said, crossing his arms over his chest. I glared at him and walked over to the toilet and quickly peed. Getting up, I stripped my clothes off, Reid watched me from the door. I could feel his eyes follow me everywhere I moved, watching me like a hawk. Turning the shower on, I stepped in. The water warming my cold skin, I braced my hands on the wall and dipped my head under the steady stream, feeling my insides warm up. I sighed and relaxed under the feel of it running down my back. Reid was still leaning against the door, just staring at me, like I was about to run off.

“If you’re gonna stare, can you at least get in? I feel weird with you standing there like some creeper.”

Reid cocked his head to the side, considering my words before I saw him take off his shirt. I moved over when I saw he was going to hop in. Reid took off his pants and stepped in behind me. I started washing my hair when I felt his fingers take over massaging my scalp. I leant back into him, loving the feel of his hands touching me. He pulled me under the stream of the water, rinsing it out. I turned around only to open my eyes and see he was watching me again, his face emotionless. I reached up and put my hand on his chest, running my fingers through the small amount of hair.

“Please don’t make me go back down there,” I begged, leaning my head on his chest. Reid placed his hand on my cheek, rubbing his thumb down my cheekbone.

“I don’t trust you anymore.” His words hurt, stung as if he slapped me. I looked up at him, I could feel my eyes burn as tears threatened to break me. Through the bond, I could feel that he thought I was trying to trick him, get him to drop his guard. I stood back, moving away from him, and I turned my back on him and got out, grabbing the towel that was on the basin and wrapping it around my body.

Grabbing a pair of his thick track pants, I put them on and one of his hoodies. If he was forcing me back down there, I wasn’t going to freeze. Reid got dressed quickly, afraid I was going to run. I had just finished putting on some socks when he stood in front of me.

“You need to eat.” I ignored him and stood up and walked towards the door. Reid wouldn’t let me pass, so I waited. “You need to eat, if not for you, do it for the baby.” I glared at him.

“I’m not hungry, just take me back,” I said. If he didn’t trust me, I didn’t want to be around him.

He moved out of my way, and I opened the door and started walking down the stairs. I could hear voices coming from Lily’s bedroom. Stopping, I opened her door. Lily and Amber were playing with their dolls, sitting cross-legged on the floor. “Ari!” Lily screamed, throwing herself into my arms.

I hugged her tight and inhaled her scent. She always smelt of lavender. I felt Reid’s shadow fall on me as he stepped in the room. Lily froze in my arms and looked up at him. “She came in Alpha; I didn’t go to her.” She didn’t sound scared when she explained herself, but I didn’t like the fact she had to at all.

“It’s okay Lily, you’re not in trouble. You don’t need to worry.” Reid told her making her relax.

“Reid said you’re going to having a baby, that I will be an aunty.” She looked so excited I couldn’t help but feel excited for her, finding her excitement contagious.

“I have a bump want to feel,” I asked. She nodded excitedly pulling at my shirt. Her little hands touching softly on my small bump.

“Can you feel it move? Do you know if it is a boy or a girl? Where have you been?” she asked excitedly, her blue eyes shining with happy tears.

“No, I can’t feel it yet. At least I don’t think I can, and no I don’t know what it is, and I -” I didn’t know how to answer her, I can’t tell her Reid has had me locked in a cell downstairs. I didn’t want her to be scared. “Maybe Reid will ask Mavis if she can do a scan and we might be able to find out,” I told her, looking up at Reid who was watching me. His eyes were softer. I could tell he was probing into my mind seeing my reaction to Lily’s excitement.

“I can see if she can stop by tomorrow. Do you want to know?” he asked me. I thought for a second. Did I? I just can’t seem to picture myself as a mother. I felt excited for Lily, but could I feel excited for myself? Was a baby such a bad thing? Reid seemed to want this, maybe I would too.

“I don’t know,” I answered honestly.

He nodded his head. “You can think about it while you eat” I knew that was his way of saying It was time for me to leave.

“Can we watch a movie later? You have been gone for days, where did you go?” Lily asked.

I looked at Reid. “That is enough questions, for now, I will decide later if you can watch a movie if you behave,” he said. The girls looked excited and went back to playing quietly on the floor. I knew he wasn’t referring to them though. He didn’t mean if they behaved. He meant if I did.