Hybrid Aria by Jessica Hall Chapter 41

Aria’s POV

Reid walks over to me, leaning down he presses his entire body onto mine before kissing me gently. I answer his kiss, kissing him hungrily as the need to takes over. Reid, feeling my arousal through the bond, presses himself into me. I can feel the bulge in his pants. I rub myself against him, wanting the friction. I feel Reid chuckle against my lips, his hands going to mine, lifting them above my head. He holds them down with one of his, his other hand going to my leg as he wraps it around his waist.

I moan into his mouth, his tongue playing with mine, fighting for dominance and I don’t fight back, loving the feel of him touching me. I grind my hips upwards. Reid groans, his lips going to my neck and his canines brushing my skin, before moving lower. He lets go of my hands and lifts my shirt off over my head before trapping them again above my head with his hand. I feel his teeth graze my nipple as he sucks it into his mouth, tugging on it with his teeth. My senses are fighting for control. Reid senses that and grips my hands tighter. “Fight it, give me control.” I fight the urges and remain still.

Reid continues his assault on my nipples, sucking and biting. My body becoming impatient with need. I grind myself against him, needing the friction, needing him to touch me. Reid’s hands go to my thighs as he lets go of my hands, my fingers going instantly to his hair, as I rub my fingers through it. I feel him shiver, his lips moving lower, stopping at my hip. He grips the waistband of my pants and yanks them off before reaching for my panties which are now soaked in my juices. I feel him kiss my knee as he slides them down. Reid suddenly moves his face between my legs, and without warning, I feel his hot tongue on me, parting my lips before plunging inside me, hungrily. I moan at the sudden contact, my back arching off the bed. My hands gripping his hair, wanting to tug him away, but Reid just pulls my thighs further apart, his tongue swirling around my clit before sucking it into his mouth.

I moan, my juices spilling onto my thighs and Reid’s mouth as he devours me. My body reaching its peak, on the verge of exploding when I feel my stomach clench. Reid sucks my little button in his mouth hard and I am shoved completely over the edge. My legs shaking, trying to close around his head, but he holds them wide forcing them to rest on the mattress. His tongue not stopping as he licks up my juices.

I moan as I come down from my orgasm, Reid moves up my body, and I clutch at his pants. Needing him inside me, I undo his belt buckle and Reid using one hand, he slides them down his cock springing free, I feel it against my thigh. Using his legs, he kicks his pants off and onto the floor. I reach for his cock grasping it with my hand, I feel it twitch at the contact. Reid’s lips finding mine. His tongue playing with mine as I move my hand up and down his shaft. Reid groans before thrusting into my hand, his lips not leaving mine. I move my hand lower, cupping his balls, I tug on them squeezing softly. Reid’s lips go to my mark sucking on it, my legs wrap around his waist, pulling him to me. My hands go to his face as I kiss him hungrily. Reid positioned himself at my entrance and rams in making me cry out at the sudden intrusion. Reid finds his rhythm as he slams into me, His hands gripping mine above my head pushing them into the mattress, as he thrusts into me harder, making me moan out as his cock fills me to the brim. I meet his thrusts, moving my hips in time with them. My orgasm building up the faster he moves, slamming his cock into me relentlessly as he chases his own release. His thrusts becoming erratic, and I know he is close. I reach between us and grab his balls, squeezing them. I hear him groan, and I am sent over the edge, my pussy clenching tightly around his cock and Reid finds his own release, his warm seed spilling into me as I milk his cock coming down from my own orgasm.

Reid collapses beside me, his now flaccid cock leaving my body. We both lay there breathless, coming down from the high. I roll to my side, facing him when he pulls me on top of him. I rest my head on his chest, loving the warmth of his skin. Reid’s fingertips running down my back to my waist and up again. I prop my head on my hands that are lying flat on his chest and watch him. His eyes not leaving mine as his fingers keep tickling my back. Reid lifts his head and kisses my nose, before rolling so he is now between my legs, holding himself up with his arms on either side of my face.

I watch him, he moves my hair from my face where it was sticking due to perspiration. I lean up to kiss him, and he moves his head back, a smile on his lips teasing. Reid presses his lips softly to mine.

“I love you,” he says softly. I wrap my arms around his waist.

“I love you too.” Reid’s face moving closer to mine as he kisses me gently. I wrap my legs around his waist, and he chuckles.

“Come on, let’s have a shower then you need to feed,” he says, kissing my head. He goes to get up, and I wrap my legs tighter around his waist. He laughs but then sits up, bringing me with him, so I am now straddling him. Realising I am not letting go he stands up, his hand slapping my arse before he squeezes it, I can feel his growing erection pressing against the inside of my leg. I rub myself on it. Reid squeezes my arse but keeps walking into the bathroom, he turns the shower on.

My lips going to his neck where my mark is. He groans and grips my hips, rubbing his cock on my clit. I feel the water hit my back before I feel the cold tiles on my back, making me squeal and jump at the coldness. Reid chuckles. I feel it rumble in his chest. Before his hands push me lower, and he thrusts inside me again. My head going back to rest on the tile, Reid’s mouth moving to my neck and collarbone nipping, and sucking on my skin. I grip his shoulders, moving my hips against his. I pull his hair, pulling his head back, his face getting wet under the water before I smash my lips into his, desire coursing through every cell of my body, my fluids coating his cock as he thrusts harder and faster, his grip on my hips getting tighter as he moves them in rhythm with him going deeper.

My walls gripping him, as my orgasm floods through me, my legs tightening around his waist as I moan out. Reid’s hands moving to my face as he kisses my chin before biting my bottom lip. He finds his own release again, as he presses me harder into the wall before stopping. My legs aching from the strain. Reid steps back, and I unwrap myself from him. He steps under the water, pulling me with him. Grabbing the soap, I start washing his chest, my fingers brushing through the small amount of chest hair. He closes his eyes and lets me wash him before doing the same to me, my muscles relaxing under his touch. When we are done, he grabs my towel and passes it to me before wrapping his own around his hips.

I follow him back into the room, he chucks me one of his shirts before putting a pair of black shorts on himself. He sits on the edge of the bed and motions me to go to him. I hesitate. I have never feared feeding as much as I have for the last week. My hunger is insatiable, in fact, I am finding everything to become insatiable my hunger, my sex drive. I always feared feeding, all my life feared it because it is the one time you completely let go of control. I also know I have hurt people which now makes that fear stronger, I don’t want to hurt Reid. I know he won’t let me kill him, but I still fear going too far and him hating me for it.

Seeing my hesitation, he leans forward and grabs my hand tugging me, so I am standing between his legs. “Maybe we should use blood bags,” I tell him. Reid pulls a face, I can tell through the bond he doesn’t want me feeding on anyone else, the thought of having some other person’s blood in my system repulses him.

“I let it pass that you fed on my Beta, you aren’t feeding off anyone other than me.”

“We can get female blood,” I tell him. He shakes his head.

“You are mine, no one else’s male or female. I don’t want to smell anyone else on you.”

He pulls me, so I am sitting on his lap, his hand going under the hem of the shirt resting on my thigh, his thumb rubbing against my hip. He kisses my lips softly. “You won’t hurt me, I promise, your bark is worse than your bite.”

“Really, is that so?” I raise an eyebrow at him. He kisses my neck before offering his own to me. The sight of his neck makes my mouth water, and I don’t try and fight it, I let go. Trusting Reid to take control and bring me back to reality. As soon as his blood floods my mouth, I swallow greedily, his blood soothing the burn and dryness of my throat. Replenishing every cell in my body, awakening my senses and overloading everything. Like fireworks exploding on my tongue. I could get drunk on his taste, I hear him moan, which only fuels my yearning, never enough. I knew I should pull away, but I couldn’t, and Reid wasn’t trying to stop me as I bit down again. Instead, offering more of his neck to me. I drink hungrily, wanting to drain him. I feel tears well in my eyes, my mind screaming at me to stop, and my body doing the exact opposite. It was a war one I had no choice but to wait for Reid to pull away as I couldn’t physically do it myself.

“Babe, stop,” he says, rubbing my back. Panic taking over and I will my body to stop, only it refuses to listen, my claws extending and digging into his shoulder. I hear him hiss at the sudden pain before he realises, I can’t stop. Reid grips my shoulders and shoves me back hard, making me fall backwards onto the floor. My adrenaline kicking in and my hunger the only thing I can think of even though I know I need to fight it but I can’t, all rational thoughts being shoved aside as my animalistic side overrides me. I lunge at Reid, but he manoeuvres, so I am forced to turn, and I land on the floor between his legs, his arms criss-crossed against my chest, holding me down between his legs.

“Sorry babe, I have no choice.” I know what he is going to do, and I don’t blame him, I actually welcome it. I feel his canine bite into my flesh, I scream. His bite is painful and savage as his teeth tear through my flesh. I feel myself start slipping, the room getting darker. I blink my eyelids grow heavier and heavier. I blink once more, and I can’t open them, and I give in to the darkness letting it take hold, wrapping me soothingly as I drop into oblivion.