Hybrid Aria by Jessica Hall Chapter 49

Aria’s POV

The blast from the explosion shattered the windows of our glass cage. Kade being thrown backwoods and into Lily’s cage. I still had hold of the woman’s hand, that was no longer attached to her arm as a huge shard of glass sliced her arm off, from just below her elbow. The woman is screaming trying to stem the bleeding. I tossed her hand on the ground before undoing my ankle cuffs. Complete and utter chaos ensued. Wolves coming in from everywhere ripping apart anyone they found. Wendy was in battle with a man, still weak, she couldn’t put up much of a fight, and I noticed his eyes changing to that of Christine’s only he seemed to have more control. Lily was unconscious in the cage, the blast must have knocked her out as her cage was damaged. Kade stood up dusting himself off, I jumped up when he moved with so much speed, I knew he wasn’t just a human at least not anymore.

Running at me, I stepped out of reach before shoving the gurney between us, the only problem was that left Lily trapped in the cage on the side he was on. But clearly, I was his target as he paid no attention to her whatsoever. The table David was on was thrown on its side, and I could hear him struggling to get loose before I heard him yell.

“Aria, duck,” My body dropped instantly as the table was thrown at Kade and smashing into the brick wall behind him and landing awkwardly covering Lily’s cage. Kade shifted just in time and David launched himself at him shifting mid-jump, his claws and teeth sinking into his chest and neck. Kade punched David’s wolf, knocking him to the side.

I ran towards him, hitting him before he could stab David with the needle he had grabbed from the floor knocking us both through the brick wall and into the main part of the building where wolves and Hunters were fighting. I groaned having the wind knocked out me, Kade elbowed me in the face and shoved me off.

His eyes changing to a fluorescent blue. What the fuck was he? I had never seen eyes like his before. He stood up, the needle still clutched in his hand, I watched horrified as his fangs protruded from his mouth and claws like a tiger came through, hair sprouting from his arms as he half shifted. Only he wasn’t a wolf; he still stood on two legs, and his face remained the same besides the fangs and eyes. He had the making of a wolf yet wasn’t one.

We circled each other, trying to get an advantage. Glancing around, I noticed he wasn’t the only one that had partly shifted into a wolf. The man Wendy was fighting was the same. The building caught alight. I could hear what sounded like chemicals or gases blowing up bursting and sending sparks everywhere, catching whatever it touches alight.

My attention being diverted, when I see David run from the room, heading towards the new door that had been blown out on the side of the building, he had Lily in arms. I noticed Amber’s limp body over his shoulder. I wondered how he found Amber as she wasn’t in the same room with us. That distraction cost me, as Kade saw it as an opportunity to get the advantage as he plunged the needle into my arm.

I felt the poison enter my bloodstream and an agonised howl ripping through the room, I looked at the needle, then at Kade who had a triumphant grin, which was soon destroyed as I see Ryder launch himself from the floor above us biting down on Kade’s face.

I felt the room shake but not from an explosion but from whatever it was that I was poisoned with. I wobbled on my feet as extreme vertigo washed over me. I felt drunk and stumbled around deliriously, grabbing anything I could to remain upright. Then I saw my father’s face next to mine. Where did he come from? I drunkenly thought he caught me as I fell to the ground, my eyes looking up at the ceiling. My entire body going numb, as I am paralysed. I hear people talking before I hear my father scream at Ryder.

“Leave him, take my daughter, that bastard is mine.” I heard a savage growl, my father’s shirt ripping from his body like he was on steroids. His eyes blazing almost red before he left my line of vision, my head rolling to the side. My eyes searching for anything in the smoke and chaos. I could smell the lingering smell of burning plastic and feel the heat of the flames as they got nearer.

The entire building was on fire, and I couldn’t move just watch as the flames got closer. “Reid,” I coughed out as I started choking on the smoke that was filling the air. What had he given me, it didn’t seem to do anything but paralyse me and make me feel sick?

Then I see Reid’s face hovering above mine, I could tell he was naked by his bare chest.

“Let’s get you out of here,” he said, scooping me up, my head falling backwards before he adjusted me, so it was resting on his shoulder heavily. He turned around, looking back at my father, who was still fighting Kade. Flames were everywhere destroying the entire building; parts of the roof were falling, and Reid sang out to all the wolves and humans present.

“Humans?” I mumbled my tongue, starting to go numb.

“I will explain everything later.”

“Everyone get out, the building is going to collapse.” His Alpha voice rolling over me, I could feel the power behind his words as everyone ran from the building. Reid carried me outside, leaving me on the grass before running back into the burning building. All I could see was the sky, which was black with smoke, it was night-time. I couldn’t move, I just lay there. I felt a hand brush my hair from my face, my eyes looking up to see David sitting next to my head, it was his hand I felt.

“Where did Reid go?”

“To help your father and Zane, they are still inside.” I felt my heart rate increase, fear taking over. They were in there while I lay paralysed, not able to help. “What about Lily?”

“I’m here,,” she said, grabbing my hand and leaning over the top of me.

“Amber too, she is awake as well,” I listened carefully and could hear her sobbing somewhere off to my side.

I don’t know how long passed but Reid and my father finally came out with Zane. I heard Amber start screaming hysterically, wailing. I heard Zane pick her up and whisper soothingly to her.

“I know baby girl, I know.” Hearing them made tears fall from my eyes. I killed her, I killed my friend, killed their loved one. The guilt was eating at me, I hope they will forgive me.

“Reid?” I called out, my voice breaking. He came into my line of vision and knelt beside me, pulling me up, so I was leaning on him.

“Why can’t I move?”

“It’s the drug, I think your body is rejecting it.”

“What was it?”

“We aren’t sure, we think it was some mutated gene of your own blood, but your father got him. The Crescent Pack are helping your father move him to their cells for questioning.”

The Crescent Pack, that was a name I hadn’t heard in years, no one really had an alliance with them, they tended to stick to themselves. I wondered why they suddenly wanted to help.

“Let’s get you home,” he said, picking me up. I started to get feeling back in my legs when we got to the car, but nausea rolled over me, and Reid helped me manoeuvre, so I didn’t throw up all over him, instead emptying the contents of my stomach next to the car.


“A little,” My gums tingled and my fangs protruded.

“Where’s Lily?”

“Already in the car with David. Zane has Wendy and Amber in the other car.”

He pulled me into the back, so I was sitting across his lap. Lily touched my back softly with her small hand. I managed to turn my head, getting enough mobility back to turn slightly. Reid, seeing I wanted to turn to face the front, placed me on his lap, my back pressing against his chest. I felt his hand go to my stomach before going underneath my shirt and rubbing my belly. His hand felt warm on my stomach as he rubbed my belly in circles.

We drove back to our Pack house. By the time we got back, I had full movement back. Whatever he gave me must have been a dud luckily, maybe the Moon Goddess was watching over us after all.

The drive home was quiet but peaceful. It was so strange sitting in a car with David in comfortable silence. Going back to when we were still part of the Black Moon Pack, I would have laughed if someone told me Lily would have her father back wanting to parent and that we would all become a family again. Seeing it with my own eyes now, I knew things were going to be good between us, we just have to mourn those we lost first and rebuild our Packs, but I had no doubt that David was going to step up for his daughter and be the father she deserved all along.

I looked at Lily and smiled sadly. Her blue and yellow eyes looking back at me. I was so proud of her, and I knew that Lily was strong enough to endure it no matter what happens in the future, strong enough to move past what happened and any new challenges. Which I knew we would have them, because her wolf and her had been altered and I could tell it was permanent. But we would get over these obstacles too when they arise. We finally made it home, it was a sombre feeling as we all got out of the cars. Not all of us made it back and the weight of that hung heavily in the air.

Nearly 12 years later

I watched as my sister chased after the kids. She was an excellent mother, a little overbearing at times and always so watchful of everything they did, including me. I couldn’t get anything past her. When she had her firstborn, a inlittle boy, they named him Ryker. I could tell her life was moving on for the better. When the twins came along, Arial and Lana, I was ten and decided to move back in with my father. Aria had enough on her plate with running the Pack and looking after the kids.

I often felt guilty about her being forced to raise me, but at the same time, I’m glad she did. I knew I never would have made it to adulthood without her. My father and I have now built a bond the way it should have been in the beginning, although I also class Reid as my father, giving me two.

When the twins were born, I felt a little out of place. Life moved on, yet I stayed the same, only growing older. My life has been thrown into chaos since my wolf and I never had a chance to bond, having been forced to shift so young.

For years Aria, my father, and Reid tried to help me learn how to control her, but nothing we did worked, and eventually, we gave up trying. When she had control, it was hard taking it back from her. My wolf was completely altered, and I don’t think I will ever be able to let her out willingly. She can’t be trusted.

I knew I was a danger to my nieces and nephew, so I made the decision to leave. It was safer that way. Aria and Reid tried to get me to stay, but I couldn’t put that burden and worry on them. Aria thinks she owes it to me to fix me, but she doesn’t realise she doesn’t actually owe me anything, if anything, I owe her for throwing her life away for me. For everything she has done. I still occasionally stay with them. Still see them almost daily, I just hate not being at home.

Most of the wolves of my father’s Pack house are older, and if I lose control, I know they can take me down if needed. I won’t risk that here with the kids present. I would never forgive myself if I hurt one of them.

As I walked through the clearing towards where Aria was playing on the swings with the kids, she looked up, a smile lighting up her face. I waved heading toward them.

Ryker, seeing me, jumped off the swing mid-air running towards me despite the panicked look his mother gave him. He was eleven now and looked so much like his father with his black hair and silver eyes. The girls had black curly hair, but their mother’s amber eyes. Ryker threw himself into my arms. Catching him, we tumbled backwards onto the grass.

“Aunty, Aunty,” he squealed. I hugged him tight, smelling his hair. He always smelt of cinnamon. Aria comes over, standing over the pair of us looking down at the pair of us on the grass.

“Ryker, what have I said about jumping off the swings like that? You could have hurt yourself.” Ryker rolled his eyes, and I smiled before giving him a wink. He was a wild child, always up to mischief. Maybe he gets that from me.

Aria held her hand out, and I grabbed it, letting her pull me to my feet. She embraced me in a hug before holding me at arm’s length, her judging eyes penetrating as she gave me the once over.

“You’ve been partying again. You know you need to stop this, you’re about to take over the Black Moon Pack. It’s time to grow up, Lily.”

I sighed the same lecture every fucking time. Doesn’t she get sick of giving the same speech?

“Don’t roll your eyes, you know I’m right. You are about to meet the new Alpha of the Crescent Pack today, and you smell like a brewery,” she scolded.

“Fine, I will change, okay?” I left out the part that my father, Reid, and I had been in discussion already about me standing down. I don’t want the Alpha position. I know with my wolf, I can’t be Alpha. Aria doesn’t know this. I think she knows something is up. We have been waiting to let her know, deciding to come out at the meeting. I knew she would pitch a fit. But we have a plan, and today she will find out about it.

“I have already met Alpha Damien, and I don’t care what anyone thinks. My life, my body, I will do what I like, Aria,” I argued back. She went to say something, but I beat her to it.

“But if it makes you feel any better, I will change, okay?” She looked tired, the kids and I suppose the stress of me has caused her many sleepless nights. Yet she still looked the same, no different, never aging along with Reid. Even the other Pack members aged slower than most because of the link to her.

Aria having Vampire and Lycan blood had its advantages. My sister was a pure Hybrid. The second last of her kind, her father was born from an original Vampire and a Lycan, we only found all this out when her father came back into her life when I was six, when the Hunters attacked and destroyed everything including me.

As I walked back into the Blood Moon Pack house, I made my way upstairs to Aria’s room on the top floor. As I was walking up the stairs, I saw Amber, my best friend and accomplice, although I feel Zane sometimes wishes I weren’t such a bad influence on his daughter with my wild ways and partying.

“Lil, are you here for the meeting?” She called out to me.

“Yep, come upstairs with me, Aria wants me to change,” I said, rolling my eyes. She walked up the stairs a knowing smile on her face, she had also been scolded a few nights before for sneaking in late. Her father Zane and the Beta of the Blood Moon Pack gave us a stern talking to, then he rang my father like he was going to do anything. I only have to bat my lashes and dad was wrapped around my finger. I know he doesn’t like punishing me because of my childhood, so why not play on it.

“Where’s your father?” I asked nervously.

“Probably off with Wendy, doing something,,” she said.

Wendy and Zane both lost their mates in the war with the Hunters. A few years later we were shocked to find out they had been granted second chance mates. Our shock getting stronger when they announced they were getting married and were each other’s second chance Mates. Amber was upset at first, no one could replace her mother, but Wendy was a great stepmother and helped raise her, so eventually, she came to see it as a good thing.

When we got upstairs to Aria’s room, I walked in not expecting to see Reid getting dressed.

“Shit sorry Alpha,” I said as he was standing only in his black pants, hispants, his shirt still undone as he quickly buttoned it up.

“All good Lily, you know where her closet is,” he said, pointing to it in the corner of the room. Aria must have warned him I was on my way up.

“You’re not gonna scold me, too, are you? Because if you are, I will rock up like this,” I said cheekily. Reid smiled.

“No, I’m sure Aria will give you enough shit. Are you ready for today?”

“Yep, just want to get it over with and then bail, you can deal with Aria.” I stated.

“She will come around eventually. What about meeting Alpha Damien? You haven’t seen him in twelve years, and I know your father had that falling out with him last year.”

“That’s dad’s business, not mine. I don’t care for this Alpha Damien. I will just be glad when I don’t have to keep going to all these Alpha meetings.”

He nodded. “Amber, get your father to meet me in the boardroom please,” he said, walking over and kissing my head in a fatherly way. Amber quickly left, obviously feeling awkward with Reid getting dressed in front of her. Not that nudity was a big thing with werewolves, and he had pants on so besides his masculine chest you couldn’t really see anything.

“Get ready, the other Alphas will be here soon. I know they won’t like it when they find out that my Pack will be bigger than theirs once you hand the Pack over to me, so prepare yourself.” He left the room, and I walked into the closet.

One thing I loved was Aria’s sense of style. I was always borrowing her clothes, it annoyed her sometimes. I rummaged through and grabbed out a pair of jeans and a shirt before throwing on one of her black leather jackets before putting my sneakers back on. Looking in the mirror, I felt I looked decent enough, and no way was I letting Aria dress me, she would have made me wear a dress. But looking in the mirror, I looked great. I was tall, not freakishly tall but taller than Aria, my long blonde hair falling in waves down my back to my waist, then there were the eyes which is what most people saw straight away, I had hoped they would go back to normal. I hated them, people always stared, not that they would ever say anything with my father’s presence. Yet, they made me self-conscious, you could tell there was something wrong with me, no matter how hard I try to pretend I am okay. I know what people call me.

Unhinged. They aren’t wrong, though. So, I have learnt to accept it. My half amber half sapphire eyes staring back at me are a constant reminder of what those sick Basterds did to me.

“Fuck what anyone thinks,” Layla, my wolf growled in my head. She really was a hard case to crack. One minute she almost seems normal, then others she is just a savage, primal and acts out of instinct, we still don’t know what’s wrong with her and our bond.

“Behave, please don’t embarrass me,” I whispered back to her.

“Behave? You embarrass yourself, got nothing to do with me. Besides, everything will change soon.” I wondered what she meant, and I could feel her pacing in the back of my mind. She never made any sense.

“Everything will make sense, make sense?” She rambled.

“What will?” I asked, annoyed.

“When we turn eighteen, yep eighteen.” Clearly, she didn’t know what she was talking about, so I gave up trying to get answers. I walked out heading back downstairs only to run back into Amber, who was trying to sneak off with her mate. She found her mate on her sixteenth birthday, I haven’t found mine. Layla and I don’t think we have one because of what happened years ago. I was often jealous that everyone else in our grade either found their mates already or had boyfriends. People steered clear of me. I’m the unhinged one, the dangerous one, keep your children away parents would say.

Even if we did have a mate, I would have to reject them. I am not mate material. No one wants a broken mate. Layla didn’t agree, she thinks reckonedour mate would accept us. She also said she will kill me if I reject our mate. Like I said, she is unhinged, to kill me; she also kills herself. My wolf one minute is lucid, the next batshit crazy. I shake my head at the memory. Amber holds a finger to her lips, and I smile as she and Shaun sneak out the back no doubt to let their wolves free in the forest surrounding the property.

I make my way down the stairs when I get hit with the most intoxicating scent. Mmm, someone must be baking chocolate cookies, my mouth instantly watering. I hear voices off to the side coming from the kitchen. I quickly duck around the corner and run for the board room. I can’t afford to be late; I open the door, and all eyes turn to me.

Shit, I am already late. My father has a lazy smirk on his face like he expected nothing less. Reid didn’t even look in my direction at all, he knew I was on my way down. Aria was glaring. I shrunk back under that gaze before realising I’m also an Alpha technically, so I hold my chin high and walk to my seat, ignoring her boring eyes. I notice the Alpha from the Forest Pack is already here, and the Alpha Thomas from the Red Moon Pack, but the Crescent Moon Alpha was also running late. I sat in my seat. I hated the Crescent Moon Alpha. I heard he was obnoxious and liked to sleep around. I met him when we were rescued from the Hunters and haven’t laid eyes on him since. Only heard the rumours about how he killed his own father and took over the Pack; apparently, he is ruthless and merciless when it comes to his Pack, which is now the biggest Pack.

I knew he would be pissed when he found out mine and Reid’s Packs were merging, making ours the biggest and strongest in the country. I stared at the ceiling waiting for the last Alpha to arrive bored already. Only looking up when that intoxicating scent hit my nose again just before the door opened and in stepped the Crescent Moon Alpha.

I must admit he was hot as fuck. He froze, his eyes looking around the room before landing on mine. He looked shocked before he composed himself and walked into the room, taking the seat across from mine. My wolf was going crazy, trying to take control.

“Settle the fuck down, what’s gotten into you, Layla?” She didn’t answer and just kept pushing against my skin.