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Download Mulan by Elizabeth Rudnick PDF Novel Free. Mulan is a fiction, thriller, literature, redemption, mystery, and suspense novel that describes the story of a young girl who is ready to fight for her nation.

Description of Mulan by Elizabeth Rudnick PDF

Mulan is the suspense, mystery, redemption, literature, fiction, and thriller novel that contains the story of a girl who is born with a talent of doing something bigger in her life. Elizabeth Rudnick is the author of this classy novel. Mulan is the main character of the story. Mulan born in a remote village of chine and she has one younger sister. Her father lost her leg in the war and they cannot walk without support. Mulan was always treated like a son from her father. She gets the confidence from her father and Mulan have no fear. There is something inside her that her parents know and they are training her to control.

Mulan by Elizabeth Rudnick PDF Download

The kingdom of China gets under attack and the king has sent a message to the entire country. King wanted one young boy from every family to join the army so they can beat their enemies. Mulan’s father has no son and for this, her father decided to go on his own. At midnight, Mulan takes her father’s sword and starts her journey towards the training camp. Mulan spends a few months in training with other boys while pretending she is also a boy. During the war with enemies, her fellow soldiers realize that she is a girl and she saves her country from disaster.

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Details About Mulan by Elizabeth Rudnick

  • Name: Mulan
  • Authors: Elizabeth Rudnick
  • Publish Date: February 11, 2020
  • Language: English
  • Genre: Fiction, Thriller, Literature
  • Format: PDF/ePub
  • Size: 1 MB
  • Pages: 288
  • Price: Free
  • ISBN: 1368053025

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