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“Good morning”, I said to Becca as I stood beside her in front of the kitchen counter. “Yeah..” Was all she murmured and I looked at her and scoffed. Seriously? I rolled my eyes and reached for the tin of cocoa. Although, the maids could easily make the coffee for me, but I preferred doing it myself. Becca finished up what she was doing and turned around to leave. But just then, I felt something crazy – something different. Like..,…I wanna puke. What’s going on?? I tried covering my mouth, but the urge became strong and I found myself releasing it all on the floor. Arghhh. Oh my God! Not on the floor; But on Becca’s legs. She gasped and looked at me in shock. Then, at her legs. Hold on; Why the hell did I throw up????  “Whaaaaat???” The witch shirked in shock as she stared at her stained legs. Holy crap! “What the hell is this?? I mean…are you blind or something? Why the f**k did you have to puke on my legs??” She bickered while I tried to regain myself. “I’m….I’m sorry,

My Pregnant Wife by Faith Lucky

okay? I didn’t do it on purpose” I replied tiredly and touched my forehead which was beginning to feel hot already. Why did I throw up? Could I be sick or something? I couldn’t recall the last time I threw up this early. Two maids came rushing in. “You’re so clumsy” Becca snapped and finally walked out. Gosh! Must this woman be a pest? “Ma’am….are you alright?” One of the
maids asked, coming close. I just nodded in confusion. “Um….clean up this

mess, okay?” I said to her and hurried out of the kitchen. What could possibly be wrong? It was so unusual for me to throw up in the morning. Although, I’d

been having little headaches and dizziness, but there’s been no feverish feeling. So, why the sudden puke? Gosh! I didn’t even make the coffee anymore. * I returned to the room and met Mr grumpy already dressed up – looking like a geek gods. Hm. He was quite attractive, tho. But I didn’t pay attention to him as I walked quietly to the bed and sat on it – thinking. Yesterday in school, Cassy – my best friend – had told me I was gaining too much weight. She said my b**bs were growing bigger and so were my a*s. But…. No; its not possible. Its just not possible. I noticed Leo turned and

looked at me and I did same. He scoffed and looked away. He was probably wondering why I was quiet. He walked towards me on the bed and his eyes dilated in shock. “Holy f**k!! You’re on my phone!!” He exclaimed and that was when I noticed I was sitting on his phone. Oh my God! I stood up immediately, but he didn’t touch the phone. “Like….seriously? Has your a*s become dumb,

you couldn’t notice you were sitting on a god-damn phone??” He queried and I just sighed. If only he knew my problem was bigger than the God-damn phone! “Have you lost your tongue, Mandy? I’m talking to you!” He rasped further. “How on earth do I move around with a phone that’s been…..” “Gosh?

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  • Name: My Pregnant Wife
  • Authors: Faith Lucky
  • Publish Date: 2021
  • Language: English
  • Genre: Literature and Fiction
  • Format: PDF, ePub
  • Size: 1 MB
  • Pages: 202
  • Price: Free

My Pregnant Wife by Faith Lucky PDF Free Download

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