Regal Guard of Dragon Chapter 1168

The next day’s company, today as usual.

“The manager of the personnel department seems to have done nothing lately.”

Qi Chun’s work seems to be heavy these days. He doesn’t know why, but the work from above is increasing.

This is not a little free, the colleague on the side began to say in a low voice.

Qi Chun also knows the wind direction in the company recently. The HR manager who was suddenly airborne by President Chen wants to rectify the pattern of the whole company, but it seems that in addition to the continuous investigation in the past few days, there is no news in recent days.

This makes people think that he had to succumb to the encirclement of these people.

“Who knows, maybe it’s threatened, or maybe it’s still holding a big move in the back.” Qi Chun pretended not to care.

In fact, in his heart, as long as there is less bullying at work, he is grateful enough. As for other things, he doesn’t want to care.

“I’ve heard that it seems that those people are brewing something to deal with manager Liu. It seems that they want to drive him out completely.”

“I don’t think so. This is the man chosen by President Chen himself. As long as he doesn’t make any mistakes, can anyone move him?”

The colleague said the rise, so he pulled his chair to Qi Chun’s side. He lowered his voice and said, “you think it’s okay if you don’t make mistakes. These people have ways to deal with one person. Have you forgotten the previous one? At the beginning, he said he was corrupt, but when everyone was punished, he found evidence that the previous thing was just a false accusation.

But all the people have gone. Can we get them back after explaining? ”

Qi Chun also knew about it, so when he talked about it, Qi Chun didn’t refute it again.

“Let’s see. If you really want to deal with manager Liu, I think President Chen may still want to do it.”

As they talked, a colleague passed by and whispered, “President Chen has come to the company.”

“Really?” The one who moved the seat hurriedly moved the seat back and made a serious look at the information.

Qi Chun smiled at the reminded colleague and returned to his work. After a while, he saw Chen Feng.

He walked slowly with no one around him.

When he came to Qi Chun’s seat, Chen Feng suddenly stopped.

Qi Chun was surprised. I don’t know how Chen Feng suddenly found himself. Did he make any mistake.

“Do you know where the meeting room is?”

Qi Chun was stunned. He didn’t expect Chen summit to ask such a question.

However, he also stood up, pointed to the direction of the conference room and said, “President Chen, the first room is from here.”

Chen Feng smiled and nodded at him, then walked over.

Qi Chun is talking to Chen Feng for the first time. He is still a little nervous unconsciously, but it seems that Chen Feng is not like a strict person and is kind to people.

He then shook his head with self mockery. Even if Chen Feng was like that, it was not what he should consider. Now there are so many things in the group that it is uncertain when something will break out.

According to the direction pointed by Qi Chun, Chen Feng also came to the conference room soon.

At this time, it was full. They didn’t sit quietly, but gathered together in twos and threes to discuss what. They were called, but they didn’t know what happened.

Chen Feng just walked in with a smile.

“Sorry, I was delayed on the way because of some things. It kept everyone waiting.”

However, even if Chen Feng was late, no one dared to blame Chen Feng. However, after Chen Feng came in, they all quieted down.

Chen Feng sat at the top of the table, looked around, and finally stopped at Liu Xing behind him.

“Let’s start!”

But it was strange at the beginning. After all, everyone didn’t know what to discuss, and it seemed that Chen Feng was not ready to say it himself.

In such thinking, Liu Xing stood up.

“This meeting is mainly aimed at the adjustment of various personnel appointments in the company. In order to shape a more clear management of the company, after my discussion with President Chen, I worked out some personnel changes and dismissals.”

But before Liu woke up and finished, the pot burst open.

“President Chen, what does that mean?”

“This has not been discussed by senior executives at all. President Chen, this bypasses the management procedures of the group.”

“This will cause chaos, the chaos of the whole group.”

Anyway, there are all kinds of reasons, that is to quarrel and let Chen Feng give in.

But Chen Feng just sat there and looked at the noise of these people.

There are also those who attacked Liu Xing: “it’s you, a villain, who bewitched President Chen. The group has been in peace for so long, but so many things have happened since you came.”

Chen Feng smiled and stopped: “this time it really has nothing to do with him, but I’ve been watching everyone pay so much for the company. It’s really distressing. This is not an opportunity to go home and provide for the elderly.”

“President Chen, this is going to happen!”

“As for whether there will be an accident or not, it won’t bother you. Even if the whole group is collapsed, it’s also my Chen’s business, which has nothing to do with you.”

Chen Feng’s tone is very calm, even a little suffocating, as if it is completely irrefutable. What he said is everything.

Yesterday, Lao Zhou, who had been drinking with two people until midnight, sat down in his chair. What he was worried about would really happen.

But why didn’t Mr. zero have any news all the time? This time, he lost the interests of the whole Chen group. Won’t Mr. zero feel sorry?

Lao Zhou doesn’t know, but he knows that no one can persuade Chen Feng today.

Yuan lie stood up and shouted, “President Chen, don’t you worry, shall we deal with Chen in turn?”

Such shameless words made the meeting room quiet. Everyone looked at the executive president. The matter had not been determined on him, but his reaction was far more intense than everyone else.

This is not something difficult to understand. Yuan lie knows that he must be in the layoff list this time, because all this is to make room for Liu Xing. If he doesn’t go down, how can Liu Xing be in his position.

Chen Feng has never looked at him, but now he stands up and Chen Feng can only look at the past.

“You can just do it.”