Summer with a Shortstop by Amy Stephens

Summer with a Shortstop by Amy Stephens (Author)

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Summer with a Shortstop by Amy Stephens Summary

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Carolina Sunrays’ shortstop, Dawson McDuffy, is on fire this season, and the media is having a field day keeping up with his every move…on the field and off. He’s genuinely a good guy, but when you’re leading baseball with such amazing stats, it’s hard not to get a little cocky and hot-headed. Arrogance never looked good on anyone, though, especially when you’re under the spotlight, and Dawson must save his name before things get even more out of control. Never mind the fact, there’s a new distraction in his life and she’s something he’d really like to hold on to.

Recently divorced, Reagon Woods’s number one priority right now is her son, Jacoby. When he’s hit by a ball at a Sunrays baseball game, the last person she expects to check on him is one of the players. Finding out that it’s part of a scheme to make Dawson McDuffy look good in the public eye…not so cool. Especially when she’s really started to fall for him. Is it really just a setup, though?

Can Dawson convince Reagon that he truly cares about her and Jacoby? Or will he succumb to the spotlight and let a good thing slip right through his glove?

Turns out, stealing her heart isn’t as easy as stealing second base.

Summer with a Shortstop is a stand-alone story that’s included in the Love Beach Collection.

Sunny days and steamy nights: Catch the fireworks all summer long with the heroes and heroines of Love Beach, a small town on the East Coast where romance and happily ever after are guaranteed.

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  • Name: Summer with a Shortstop (Love Beach Collection)
  • Author: Amy Stephens
  • Language: English
  • Genre: 30-Minute Sports & Outdoors Short Reads
  • Format: PDF/ePub
  • Size: 1 MB
  • Price: Free

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