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Download Tere lout any tak by Sania Chaudary Urdu novel PDF free. Tere lout any tk is one of the fantastic social romantic novels that cover suspense, fiction, romance and lifeline of a girl.

Description of Tere lout any tak Urdu Novel by Sania Chaudary PDF

There lout any tak is an outstanding and classy novel that reflects the life of a girl. This novel is authorized by Sania Chaudary. She is a masterpiece and a good writer ever. The whole story theme is beautifully drawn and very captivating story. This novel has an interesting start which is at the life of a pretty girl Hoorain. The theme of this story is revolving around Hoorain, Hammad, Izlan, Mehar and Azrar. Hoorain and Izlan are the main and special characters of this story. Hoorain and her sister Mehar live in a city with her uncle due to their studies. Hoorain has last year of graduation. Hoorain wants to do some job but her father was against her decision.


Izlan is the son of Hoorain’s uncle and he is working with a company. Izlan’s father is a landlord of Sindh and a famous politician of that city. Izlan doesn’t have an interest in the land of his father. After his studies, he works with a company. He was in the company of bad boys and it was no easy to abandon it. Hoorain told him about her feelings regarding her job. He convinces her father and finally, her father agreed. She started the job in his office and became happy. After some time they fall in love with each other and got merry. They prove to them the best couple in the world and start a happy life. In short, the story presents the life of a girl, her sudden love story with her cousin and impressive love. We would highly recommend this novel to those who like romance, suspense, and fiction.

Details About Tere lout any tak Urdu Novel by Sania Chaudary PDF

  • Name: Tere lout any tak
  • Author: Sania Chaudary
  • Publish Date:
  • Language: Urdu
  • Genre: Suspense, romance, fiction
  • Format: ePub/PDF
  • Size: 9 MB
  • Pages: Varies
  • Price: Free
  • ISBN: Varies

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