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Building Great Sentences PDF Book read online or download for free. “Building Great Sentences: Exploring the Writer’s Craft -(The Great Courses)” is an impressive book that is now available in various format including Kindle, ePub, and PDF. If you need this book in any specific format, you can request us.

Building Great Sentences Book Summary

“Building Great Sentences: Exploring the Writer’s Craft -(The Great Courses)” is a good book that you can read online or download to read it later. Before starting the reading or downloading, here is the summary of the book that you can read. You may also like Pitch Perfect: How to Say It Right the First Time, Every Time PDF Download

(1) A Sequence of Words

(2) Grammar and Rhetoric

(3) Propositions and Meaning

(4) How Sentences Grow

(5) Adjectival Steps

(6) The Rhythm of Cumulative Syntax

(7) Direction of Modification

(8) Coordinate, Subordinate, and Mixed Patterns

(9) Coordinate Cumulative Sentences

(10) Subordinate and Mixed Cumulatives

(11) Prompts of Comparison

(12) Prompts of Explanation

(13) The Riddle of Prose Rhythm

(14) Cumulative Syntax to Create Suspense

(15) Degrees of Suspensiveness

(16) The Mechanics of Delay

(17) Prefab Patterns for Suspense

(18) Balanced Sentences and Balanced Forms

(19) The Rhythm of Twos

(20) The Rhythm of Threes

(21) Balanced Series and Serial Balances

(22) Master Sentences

(23) Sentences in Sequence

(24) Sentences and Prose Style.

Details About Building Great Sentences

  • Name: Building Great Sentences: Exploring the Writer’s Craft -(The Great Courses)
  • Author: Brooks Landon
  • Language: English
  • Genre: History & Philosophy of Science
  • Format: PDF/ePub
  • Size: 1 MB
  • Price: Free

Building Great Sentences by Brooks Landon PDF Download

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