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“Grumpy Girl and Roses by Brynn Hale ” is a good book that you can read online or download to read it later. Before starting the reading or downloading, here is the summary of the book that you can read. You may also like Taken by Erin Bowman PDF Download

If I hear, “Well, at least you’ve got a pretty face,” one more time…
Let’s just say there’s a good, make that bad, reason I’m grumpy.
When Joel Yager, the guy from Everville High School that every girl wanted, comes into the shop, and we get our wires crossed, I get my grump on.
I think he says something about my size but he’s really talking about the roses.
After a good chuckle and my humble apology, he asks me out.
After my last relationship imploded in divorce, I’m more than a little cautious.
When we bump into my ex and he’s his normal jerky self, I find out how Joel rolls when it comes to guys making a girl cry.
Can Joel deal with the thorns that I have poking my heart?

It’s Nana’s 90th birthday, I need a gift. Mom suggested Dirty Hoes Plants & Décor, and I thought she was joking.
Well, the joke’s real. And this place has more than plants…it has beautiful women, too.
But they’re not for sale.
Like Delia. The Rubenesque woman with bright red lips who gets my attention immediately, and holds it too.
After a dinner with the blossoming flower, I can tell she’s put up walls that not even Nana’s climbing roses could get over.
No woman, and definitely not this beautiful blossom of a woman, should ever be told they’re anything less than perfect.
When we meet the man who hurt her, I do what I need to protect Delia, but I don’t mean to scare her a little in the process.
Can I prove that I’m different and I really dig her, or will the past bury our love before we get started?

This is a steamy short story romance. No Cliffhangers. No Cheating. Happily Ever After Guaranteed. My Grumpy Girl & Orchid is the first in the Dirty Hoe Love series, but all in the series can be read as standalone stories. If you crave short romances with steamy scenes, women getting what they need and want, a few laughs, and a happily ever after, then you’ll love this story.

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