What You Did by Claire McGowan PDF Download

What You Did by Claire McGowan PDF

Download What You Did by Claire McGowan PDF novel free. “What You Did” is a thrilling and tremendous novel that covers mystery, suspense and fiction in which the scene of a party is highlighted.

Description of What You Did by Claire McGowan PDF

“What You Did” is an emotional and tremendous novel that is packed with thrill, mystery, fiction, and suspense. This crazy and unique novel is authorized by Claire McGowan. She is the bestselling author of modern books and creative writer. The whole theme of the story reflects the scene of a night party. Ali, Alison, Mike, Karen, Jake’s mother, and Bill are the main and central characters of this novel. They are college friends and meet after a long time with each other. After twenty-four year they meet and decide to hold’s Night party.

At that night Alison, Ali that is newly married couple and has two kids, Mike that is the lawyer and the wife of Ali, Ali’s best friend Karen that is the mother of Jake, Bill that currently single due to breaking up with her girlfriend and Jodi that married with Callum and now pregnant is the part of party. When the party starts everyone starts taking drugs and sex with each other.

In this party, there are two couples and one single. Two of them looking mature and avoids taking drugs. The death of a woman occurs in this party but these friends still enjoying the part. In short, the story is about the party in which bad guys invited that leads to the death of a woman and other rape accusations. The story is compelling, thrilling with many provoking premises.

Details about What You Did by Claire McGowan PDF

  • Name: What You Did
  • Authors: Claire McGowan
  • Publish Date: 1st August 2019
  • Language: English
  • Genre: Thrill, Fiction, Mystery, suspense
  • Format: PDF/ ePub
  • Size:1.1 MB
  • Pages: 284
  • Price: Free
  • ISBN: 978-1542007269

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