Lady Gambit by Adele Clee (Rogues of Fortune’s Den Book 3)

Lady Gambit Rogues of Fortune's Den Book 3 Online

In the shadows of forgotten memories, an epic love story unfolds.

Delphine Chance has no reason to complain. Protected by her brothers and afforded every luxury, she’s the envy of many women. But her life is a lie. She doesn’t know her real name or where she came from. The need to uncover her mysterious past has become an obsession.

But how can she betray the boys who saved her life sixteen years ago? How can she hurt the men she loves like true kin? The answer comes in the guise of a handsome man—one of irresistible charm and unwavering courage. A man no woman could easily forget.

Dorian Flynn finds missing people. He lives alone, works alone, and prefers it that way. But when a friend calls in a debt, he becomes embroiled in a new case. His client is the beautiful sister of four dangerous men. A woman who steals Dorian’s breath. A woman he was fated to meet. A woman with no memory of a terrible secret that puts both their lives in jeopardy.

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Original Title: Lady Gambit
Series Name: (Rogues of Fortune’s Den Book 3)
Language: English
Date: 30-03-2024
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