Tested by Temptation by Lindsay Buroker (Tracking Trouble Book 5)

Tested by Temptation by Lindsay Buroker Online

In the final installment of the Tracking Trouble series, Arwen must confront her dark-elven kin once and for all while helping Azerdash win a war against all of dragon kind.

Ambitious tasks under any circumstances. But, to make matters worse, Gemlytha, the powerful woman Azerdash has admitted having feelings for, isn’t as dead as everyone believed.

When he comes face to face with her again, will he choose Arwen? Or Gemlytha?

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Original Title: Tested by Temptation (Tracking Trouble Book 5)
Series Name: Tracking Trouble
Language: English
Publisher: Lindsay Buroker 
Date: 30-03-2024
File Size: 1 MB
Status: Available for Reading/Download