A Prize for Ckzarr by Lynnea Lee (Tallean Mercenaries Book 9)

A Prize for Ckzarr Online

What’s worse than falling in love with my sexy, musclebound alien boss? Falling in love with my alien boss when I know I’m not his mate.

That’s why I keep my emotional distance, even though we work side by side every day.

Ckzarr has the body of a god and is a beast in the bedroom. How do I know? Because we’ve already failed compatibility testing. Multiple times. I’m not his mate. End of story.

Too bad my body remembers his every touch, and when he tells me “Good job,” all I hear is “Good girl.”

But when we’re captured by pirates and forced to spend every moment together as we escape and stay one step ahead of those who seek his bounty, Ckzarr’s protectiveness and possessiveness are dialed up to the max. How will I ever make it out alive without losing my heart?

This story is a complete romance and can be read as a standalone or as part of a series. Sweet & steamy, and packed with action and adventure. HEA guaranteed!