Battle for Kragdon-ah by Shawn Inmon (An Alex Hawk Time Travel Adventure)

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Alex Hawk has trained the far-flung armies of Kragdon-ah.

Now Alex and his armies will face a fanatical enemy bent on taking over all of Kragdon-ah. Can the armies of Kragdon-ah stand up to the giant Northmen, or will they need help from an unexpected source?

Battle for Kragdon-ah is the ninth and final book in the Alex Hawk Time Travel Adventure series and will also be available in audio, narrated by Johnathan McClain.

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Original Title: Battle for Kragdon-ah: An Alex Hawk Time Travel Adventure
Series Name: An Alex Hawk Time Travel Adventure
Language: English
Publisher: Pertime Publishing; 1st edition
Date: 30-03-2024
File Size: 1 MB
Status: Available for Reading/Download

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The Complete Alex Hawk Time Travel Series

Part One

Chapter One | A Short Peace

Chapter Two | Danta-ah

Chapter Three | Help Is on the Way

Chapter Four | Yestin-ak

Chapter Five | Northmen

Chapter Six | Preparations

Chapter Seven | The Lone Horseman

Chapter Eight | Paco Adun

Chapter Nine | Battle in the Romana

Chapter Ten | Battle in the Romana Redux

Chapter Eleven | A Hero Among Them

Chapter Twelve | A Leader Falls

Chapter Thirteen | Death on the Horizon

Chapter Fourteen | This Blood-soaked Ground

Part Two

Chapter Fifteen | Winter

Chapter Sixteen | Visit from a Monk

Chapter Seventeen | Alex on the Side

Chapter Eighteen | The Quest for Wastan-ah

Chapter Nineteen | Wandering

Chapter Twenty | After the Storm

Chapter Twenty-One | Elusive Wastan-ah

Chapter Twenty-Two | Plans to Survive

Chapter Twenty-Three | Wastan-ah

Chapter Twenty-Four | A Difficult Leaving

Chapter Twenty-Five | Long Journeys

Chapter Twenty-Six | The Jewel of Kragdon-ah

Chapter Twenty-Seven | The Time It Takes

Chapter Twenty-Eight | The End of the Beginning

Part Three

Chapter Twenty-Nine | To Live, to Breathe, to Fight

Chapter Thirty | Come Together

Chapter Thirty-One | The Promise of War

Chapter Thirty-Two | War

Chapter Thirty-Three | Brothers and Sisters in Arms

Chapter Thirty-Four | Wasta-ta, Godat-ta, Olten-eh

Chapter Thirty-Five | Chaos

Chapter Thirty-Six | Clash

Chapter Thirty-Seven | Aftermath

Chapter Thirty-Eight | The Death of the Council of Tribes

Chapter Thirty-Nine | Winten-ah


Author’s Note