Craving the Knot by Sean Michael CHAPTER FOUR

Imade him come for me one more time—dry, shuddering heaves that left him exhausted and clinging to me. Then I changed his plug to the next size up, opening him probably as wide as he’s ever been stretched, though not that much wider than a good-sized human cock. And now he’s lying in my bed, ass up, dark marks beneath his eyes, proving he’s not resting well when he’s away from here. When he’s here, though… I grin down at him. He’s sleeping deeply now.

He doesn’t have much left for him out there, and an entirely new world here, so long as he gives himself over. He just needs to accept that he will be so much happier here with me than he would ever be out in the human world. It’s not always an easy thing for humans to accept, no matter how good their life is at the Giving Place.

I watch every breath he takes, his lungs filling, expanding. I eagerly take in every detail.

He reaches for me, hands shivering like I’m a drug he needs. I love that thought and I slip into bed with him, offering my hand to his, and pressing along his side to warm him with my body.

He sighs and cuddles in with a soft, satisfied sound.

That trusts rocks me, settles in me, and I tug him closer, wrapping myself right around him. He snuggles with me, hand wrapping around my waist.

I never expected to have moments like this so early, but I’m going to take it and I’m going to revel in it. I place a kiss on the side of his head and rest with him, smiling.

He’s lonely and lost, but I don’t regret that, not at all. I have a home for him here with me and I will always want him. Always.

I stroke his leg, petting him, petting nice and slow. He’s beautiful. He’s taken care of himself, so he’s big, but it’s muscles and lovely, shaved smooth skin. He’s strong, but there’s a gentleness in him. His world sees a big brawler, but I see a man full of need and wanton desire, just waiting to be recognized and cultivated.

Even his pretty cock is bare, probably for his weightlifting, but I don’t care. It will be permanent now. I’ll even be happy to help him in that endeavor. A little shaving on a regular basis. Fuck, there are so very many things that I want to do to him. With him.

Maybe a thick ring where his sac meets his shaft. And of course the sweet nipples would look lovely with some light but solid jewelry, something I can pull and twist and drive him absolutely crazy with.

Mmm…I love that idea.  I might need it.

And soon he will be mine. He will wear my brand. It will look amazing on his chest. As will a cage around his cock, keeping him in obedience to me. I’m going to have to wake him soon. I want one last orgasm from him before I send him home to miss me.

He sighs, like he can hear my thoughts. “I have to go get a new job.”

“You could always move in with me. Then you wouldn’t need a new job.” I know he’s not willing to take that step yet, but nonetheless, I have to make the offer. He needs to know that I want him here with me, regardless of his circumstances.

“You don’t know me. I don’t know you, and I want to be able to hold my own.”

“Your caution is unnecessary but understandable.” Humans are not built for trusting. Perhaps it’s because they are often so nasty to each other.

“Yeah, but I want to be…someone worth having, hmm?”

I draw back at that to make sure I can look him in the eyes. “You are someone worth having.”

“But—” He shakes his head and sighs at me.

“I know, I know, You have to believe it.” I roll my eyes at him, though I’m just teasing. I know he’ll eventually come to stay. I’m just an impatient demon who wants to have his boy home with him now. I don’t want him to be miserable and unhappy, not when he could thrive here with me. In fact, he’ll thrive more here with me than he will anywhere else. Because he’s my baby boy.

He’s mine—and that fact rings out between us. I know it. He knows it.

I bring our mouths together, taking a long kiss with a slow burn. I let it linger for quite a while, feeling the need inside him rise with every moment that our lips stay fused together. He slowly moves to slide on top of me, moaning deep in his chest, clinging to me.

I wrap my hands around his shoulders and slide them down along his back, all the way to his ass. I grab it, squeezing both cheeks at the same time and rubbing our bodies together.

His toes curl and he gasps for me, body working that plug like he was meant for it.

I squeeze again and tap the base of the plug. “We need to change this for the next one.” I want to speed the process, but I know I can’t. He needs the gradual buildup so he can take me without being split.

“Another?” He licks his lips, staring up at me, admiring me. His gaze makes me feel ten feet tall and bulletproof.

“Yes. Big and fat, opening you up even wider. Getting you ready for me. I can barely wait—I want you so badly.” I run both hands up along his skin, reveling in the feeling of it against my fingers.

“I want you too.” He arches for me, so pretty and eager and hungry.

“I know you do. And that excites me, makes me want you all the more.” I’ve heard stories of men who come here and fight the desire, even as they court it. Hell, I’ve seen it, some fighting tooth and nail to deny their true natures. But my Steve is different. He’s leaning into his desire, and that makes me so happy. I bring our mouths together and take yet another kiss. We grow closer together with every one that we share.

He submits so prettily that it makes me want to bite him. Oh, that’s a thought. I growl softly, kind of a warning, and then while I’m kissing him, I take his lower lip between my teeth and nip, hard enough to break the skin. The tang of his blood fills my mouth, my senses, and now I want to howl with satisfaction.

His eyes go wide, and he moans, and I swear I see something flash between us.

I do it again, and I suck on his lower lip, pulling him into myself. I do howl then, throwing my head back and exulting in us, in the connection we’re making.

Our kisses change, heat growing between us again, and I want to devour him, every part of him. He nods, groaning like he’s absolutely desperate. He rocks into me with a desperate cry.

He’s come again and again until he’s dry and still wants more—he’s definitely mine. Every single inch of him. I roll us until I’m on top of him and I rock against him, my cock sliding along his belly as it hardens, as my desire rises. I look into his eyes, gazing into his soul as our bodies rock together.

“Are you real?” he whispers, shaking hard against me.

I press harder down onto him. “You can feel how real I am.” Then I place nipping kisses along his shoulders, his throat, letting him feel the sharpness of my teeth. Pinching is no fun, but biting definitely is.

“Uh. Uh-huh.”

“You can always hold onto me if you need to.” I want his hands on me, clinging, touching, anything I can get. I nuzzle into his neck, alternating licking with the nipping, and blowing across his damp skin to make him shiver some more.

I’m going to become addicted to his little sounds, his heady cries, and I want to touch him, squeeze him all over to bring more of them to my ears.

I work my way down from his neck and shoulders, licking at his chest and tugging his nipples between my lips. I keep going, making myself a promise to return to the hard little nubs after I’ve explored his abs and navel. The hard ridges of his six-pack fascinate my tongue as I trace them time and again.

He’s right here with me, and when I nip again, bite again, I know that he’s focused on me, needing me. I bite at the divots by his hips, then move back upward, leaving his hard cock behind without a touch. I want him desperate and needy. I go back to his nipples, letting my teeth graze over them this time, and then I do more than graze, giving him a hard bite. His whole body arches for me, the best sound yet coming from his throat.

“Mmm…” Sensitive little tits. I love it. I bite again, feeding on his need.

His hands land on my head, holding me right there, so I increase my efforts, offering him suction and sharp bites, as well as flicks of my tongue. Each touch elicits different reactions, different sounds, and they thrill me, my cock dripping with need.

“Pl-please. Please, I need you.”

I know, but it’s so nice to hear it. Especially unprompted.

“You want me to suck you?” I love the flavor of him. Just thinking of it makes my mouth water. I lick my lips as I wait for his answer.

“I—Oh.” He shudders, his cock leaking copiously.

I take that as a yes, but I’m going to make him say the words. It’s how we work, right? He needs to beg me for the things I want to do to him, that he wants me to do. “Let me hear the words, baby. Tell me what you want.”

“I want to feel your mouth and tongue on my cock. I need it. Please.”

“Mmm,” I rumble, so pleased. “No one begs as prettily as you do, baby boy. You’re a joy.” I start kissing and licking my way back down his body, stopping to gnaw at each nipple for a moment before continuing downward.

“A joy…” There is a sense of wonder in his voice.

“Uh-huh.” He totally is and he should know it. He should believe it. He will, I swear it. I get back to his hips, nuzzling and licking, nipping at the skin above his hip bones. Then I turn my head and admire his prick up close. The thick length is full of bumps and veins that are inviting my tongue to come and play, and the bulbous head is dark red with his need, the little slit leaking pre-come. “Have you ever had your cock filled? Fucked?”

“No!” Like it’s totally impossible, though I know he knows it isn’t.

“I love that I’m getting to pop some of your cherries.” We’re going to do that someday. Soon. With that in mind, I pounce, taking his cockhead into my mouth and pressing my tongue against his slit. I slap it a few times before pointing my tongue and pressing the very tip into it.

He twists, sitting up with a low, shocked sound. “Fuck!”

I grin up at him, feeling a million feet tall. “You’ve never felt anything like that before, have you?”

“No. No. No, why would I have?”

“Because your former lovers wanted to blow your mind with pleasure?” What other reason would there be? That’s why I did it. And why I’m going to do it—and more—again. I dive back in to show him.

His hand is in my hair, and it is so very gentle. So solid and warm, surprising me with his care. I expected him to grab, to pull; he really is special.

I suck hard on his cockhead, letting my tongue play, pushing into his slit, slapping against it, circling the head over and over. His noises are as intoxicating now as they were the first time I heard them, and I’m happy to keep making them happen.

His hands fist in the sheets, his hips drive up and up toward my lips.

I finally relent and let him push his cock deeper into my throat, leaving the tempting little slit, for now. I suck like a Hoover, pulling hard and demanding more of those little drops of liquid pleasure. His pre-come falls on my tongue and down my throat as I swallow around his cockhead.

To my utter joy, he sinks back into the sheets, letting me at his slit. Beautiful hungry baby boy. I can’t wait to get out the sounds and really fuck this pretty little slit. For now, I am going to use my tongue and revel in the flavor that is dripping constantly now. He’s going to give me every last drop he has in him.

“So big. Please. Please, I need…something.” He needs me.

I reach up and jostle his balls. Not enough to hurt, but enough to push him. At the same time, I push at the skin beyond his balls, pressing my fingers hard against it.

He shoots like there’s a button there, just coming and coming, filling my mouth. I swallow him down, loving the flavor of him, loving it filling my belly.

I take my time pulling off him, giving his sweet prick a few last licks. Then I take him in my arms and hold him for a moment. I’ll be putting the next plug in before he goes home again, but for these few minutes I’ll let him come down from the height of pleasure.

“I guess…I need to go to my apartment and start job hunting.” He sighs for me, looking so sad. “I wish…” Then he stops, shakes his head. “I’m going to come to you as someone worth something. I promise.”

It makes me growl. “You are worth something, boy. And eventually you’ll believe it.” It’s probably going to take far longer than I like, but it is going to happen. “I wish too. But I have faith you’ll be back, job or no.” He wants me; he wants my cock. He needs to be here.

“I’m sure I will. I want to. I just have to go be in the real world.”

I snort. “No, you don’t. But eventually you’ll figure that out and come home for good instead of just these visits.” I shift and roll him to his side, slap his ass. “Now it’s time to up the size, my sweet boy.”

“I thought I had to go?”

“Once you have the new plug in, you can go.”

“But—I can’t leave with it…”

I snort. Next time, he’ll leave with more.

“You can and you will.” I slip out of bed and grab the plug, toss it on the bed toward him.

He doesn’t even look at it; he doesn’t look away from me at all. I love that focus, that it’s all on me.

I climb back onto the bed and take the kiss I know he wants to give me. He sobs softly, tongue fucking my lips, licking at me, tasting me.

“Made for me,” I remind him. “And you’re mine.” And I’m his. It’s how it works.