Regal Guard of Dragon Chapter 1167

“That woman just made an appointment with me, but she seems to have mistaken you for me.” Liu Xing said faintly.

Chen Feng looked at Liu Xing in surprise and said, “is that the woman just now?”

“Yes!” Liu woke up and nodded. In fact, he was more or less surprised. “The bracelet on her wrist is the same as I saw in the picture.”Chen Feng calmed down, shook his head, smiled and said, “the world is really interesting.”

Everything has ended here. It was just a farce, and finally ended in a dramatic way. It seems that it is echoing the ridiculousness of the farce.

“It’s really interesting, but originally I just wanted to teach each other a lesson. Just now I saw her, she was trembling with fright. I guess she didn’t dare to do the same thing in the future.”

“Aren’t you angry yourself?” Chen Feng asked.

“At the beginning, I was really angry. I blushed with a person for a simple thing. Everything seemed to be forgotten by me. I also felt that I didn’t look like my usual appearance. But looking back, I didn’t have so much resentment. This kind of thing won’t really affect my real life.”

Chen Feng is not Liu Xing, so he can’t know what he thinks, but for the same thing that Liu Xing doesn’t mind, does he still need to chase the woman.

“Let’s go. I’ve wasted some time on this woman. I don’t want to be just a waste of the next thing.”

Liu Xing said with a smile, “don’t worry, I will show you a different Chen group.”

When will the West Lake stop singing and dancing.

Before the storm, those who didn’t know themselves were still singing and dancing.

The whole room was filled with a faint smile of men, and their faces were red.

The woman who was drunk in the man’s arms was unconscious, hung her head and just leaned there.

The man reached out to touch the woman, but one of his companions immediately laughed.

“Lao Zhou, if your family finds out, you won’t have a good life back.”

It seems to be this reminder, because Lao Zhou, who was a little confused by alcohol, woke up immediately. Fortunately, he didn’t really do it just now, otherwise he really couldn’t explain clearly.

And seeing his action, the man just smiled more happily.

“You’re afraid of a ball, and no one will say anything here.” As he spoke, he also grabbed a handful of a gorgeous woman beside him, which made the woman laugh again and again.

“You see, I don’t think it’s any good.”

Lao Zhou can’t compare with him. He didn’t come here to enjoy it.

Another short and fat man put down his microphone. A hearty roar just now made him thirsty. He went to the table with drinks, picked up a bottle of beer, gulped and drank a few mouthfuls, and said, “who of you wants to sing again, old Zhou, will you come?”

Lao Zhou shook his head. He was a little sober at this time, still thinking about the purpose of coming here.

“Let’s talk about Liu Xing!” Lao Zhou put the woman in his arms aside and said.

“Nothing he is doing is not aimed at us. If he doesn’t find a way to stop him, he will really kick me out.”

The pudgy man laughed and said, “you’re still so timid. No wonder you’re so afraid of your wife.”

Hearing that he mentioned his wife, Lao Zhou was a little unhappy and said, “what does this have to do with being afraid of his wife?”

“It doesn’t matter. Your courage has been worn away by your wife. Now you worry about this and that as soon as you encounter something. You don’t think about how long he Liu xingcai has been in the group and how long we have been here.”

“Can it be the same?”

The pudgy man sneered and said, “why is it different?”

“Behind him is President Chen!” Lao Zhou’s voice also improved a bit.

“After all, this group belongs to President Chen. If President Chen wants to deal with us, can you and I stand it?”

Looking at Lao Zhou, Yuan lie, who was a little excited and teased with women, comforted: “Lao Zhou, you don’t have to worry about it.”

Then he picked up a bottle of Remy Martin’s foreign wine and refilled the empty glass in front of Lao Zhou.

“It’s true that the group belongs to President Chen, but over the years, President Chen doesn’t know what the group is. The only thing he does is not to do anything.”

Zhou Lao still can’t move him.

Yuan lie also knew, and added: “even if President Chen thinks we have embezzled the company’s profits, can he really drive us away? You should also think about it. If such a large company is paralyzed for a time, it will not be a little loss, which is much more terrible than what we have got in recent years.”


“Well, I know what you’re worried about, but don’t worry about this kind of thing. The one hasn’t spoken up to now, that is to say, the situation is not as anxious as we thought. When the one began to order, I think things may be really anxious.”

Lao Zhou didn’t speak, not because he was really persuaded, but just because of that.

For so many years, it seems that there is really nothing that the one can’t solve.

“But I haven’t heard anything lately, sir.” Lao Zhou eased down and took a sip of the wine yuan lie had just given him.

“This ordinary person doesn’t know. Since we know him, it seems that there has been a single line connection.” Yuan lie seemed uncertain. He asked again, “you should be the same.”

Both the pudgy man and Lao Zhou nodded.

“But it can’t be Mr. zero. Otherwise, even Huang Shengzhi has died, he still has no news.” Lao Zhou’s hesitation made him worry again.

Hearing that Lao Zhou was still muttering here, Yuan lie was a little unhappy.

“Well, if you go on like this, you’ll be disturbed by your interest in going out today. Don’t blame me for driving you out at that time.”

Old Zhou angrily looked at Yuan lie, and then stopped talking. After being stiff, it’s not good for them. After all, it’s still a time of trouble.

“That’s right. Keep drinking and singing. Let Liu wake up and go to hell alone. When I see him tomorrow, I’ll scold him in front of him. I’ll see how bold he is.”

The other two also smiled.