Regal Guard of Dragon Chapter 1169

Regal Guard of Dragon Novel

I don’t know what makes Chen Feng fearless.

When Yuan lie heard this, he seemed to know that he had lost, but he was unwilling and still said, “President Chen, do you think everything is simple?”

Chen Feng asked curiously, “is there anything complicated? It’s just layoffs. Without you, I can naturally find the right people again. Speaking of this, I won’t hide it from you. In fact, I’ve found all the candidates for positions. Just waiting for you to leave, I can sign contracts with those people immediately.”

Hearing Chen Feng’s words, everyone took a breath. Sure enough, Chen Feng came prepared.

“It seems that President Chen has already thought about it. I’m afraid I can’t change President Chen’s mind no matter how I persuade him.”

“That’s true. Today, two-thirds of the people here will leave, and the rest are also observing. If something goes wrong, they will still leave for me. So I also hope the rest can take care of themselves. Of course, if you feel dissatisfied, I won’t stop you. The door of the company is open and you can leave at any time.”

Yuan lie said: “then there’s nothing to say. President Chen, I can only tell you that the company’s accounts are not as simple as you seem. If I hand in the information in my hand, the company will be picketed and even bankrupt.”

When he finished, Liu Xing over there didn’t say, “there’s no need for president yuan to worry about it. I’ve checked all the accounts of the company in the past three years for more than a month. As for the missing and missing, I’ve fully communicated with the tax authorities since last week.”

As soon as these words came out, Yuan lie seemed to be pinched from his throat, and he was still pushing upward. His breathing became difficult. He was in poor health because of his age. He was so anxious that he almost lost his breath.

“You… You, remember.” It took him a long time to smooth his tone.

Knowing that everything was hopeless, Yuan lie said, “what are you still doing here? Do you expect yourself to be in that third? Don’t you feel insulted when he drives you away?”

But even if he said so, few people responded to him, except the pudgy man who drank with him yesterday stood up.

Yuan lie looked at Lao Zhou and said, “you’re not expecting yourself to escape, are you?”

Lao Zhou also knew that he must be on the list of those who were expelled, but he really didn’t want to be like this. He still had a family to take care of. His children had a lot of money to study abroad recently. If he was dismissed now, he also knew that it would be very difficult for him to find his current job in a short time.

But even so, he thought, it’s better to take the initiative to go out when the other party asks him to go out.

He slowly wanted to stand up and follow yuan lie.

After all, if Liu and the general manager of the group don’t think about it for a long time, we can give you some information. After all, if we don’t wake up for a long time, we can give it to you

Old Zhou was stunned. He looked at Liu Xing and Chen Feng. Chen Feng just smiled and didn’t speak.

Finally, he looked at Yuan lie again.

“Hum! You believe their nonsense. Don’t you know who you’re working for?” Yuan lie asked.

Lao Zhou thought of Mr. zero. He was a little afraid, which came from the bottom of his heart.

“Mr. zero, we also know some.” Liu Xing’s words once again attracted the attention of Lao Zhou and his wife.

Yuan lie couldn’t believe it and said, “how is this possible? Why do you know who?”

“Since he will start with Chen, he will always leave clues. As long as he follows these groups of clues, he can naturally know the facts behind it.” Then he looked at old Zhou again and said, “manager Zhou, if you are afraid of that, I think you have no reason to worry. After eradicating the company this time, our next opportunity is to deal with Mr. zero.”

Liu woke up.

“So as long as you can tell us what you know, we won’t do anything to you.”

This is a straw after falling into the water, or even more.

Yuan lie also knew that what he said seemed to have little weight. After all, this time Chen Feng could shoot them, which meant that they would also shoot zero, and the choice lay with Lao Zhou.

It seems that everyone is looking at Lao Zhou. Lao Zhou also knows that he needs to make a choice. He is still sitting in his seat. Yuan lie over there is waiting for his position. If he wants to stay here, they will leave.

He thought and looked again. The choice was really difficult, and Mr. zero appeared in his mind again.

I have never met Mr. zero before, and I can’t get in touch with him. He runs everything behind his back. The whole Chen family has so many capital transactions, but he is perfectly hidden by Mr. zero here. He is like a genius.

That’s why Lao Zhou was afraid. He even had a hunch that if Chen Feng and they wanted to fight each other, it would be Chen Feng who failed.

Thinking like this, he stood up.

“Sorry, Mr. Chen, I still can’t stay.”

Yuan lie is a little happy, but Chen Feng has no response. He doesn’t feel that things will completely fail because of one’s gains and losses.

The road ahead continues.

“President Chen, we need to take more care in the future. When we get out of here, we are the enemy. If we come back one day, it is also the time for us to win.”

Yuan lie smiled at Chen Feng and took them out of the door of the conference room.

The confrontation seems to have just begun.

When everything in the conference room is over, the people who should leave finally leave, and the rest are just a little lucky. They seem to be more confused about the future.

Standing on the roof of the company, the wind is a little strong.

The whole Yanjing seems to have a panoramic view from here. If there are any flowers in the world, it will be one of the most prosperous places.

Chen Feng doesn’t know how long he will start in the future, but he knows that he has just started. It seems that everything is still not over, Mr. zero and Xiaoyao sword.

Liu woke up and came up. He came to Chen Feng with coffee and handed him a cup.

“If the road is not hard enough, then the end of the road is just boring, and I hate boring things.”