Hybrid Aria by Jessica Hall Chapter 33

Aria’s POV

Moving past Ryder, I felt my arm brush against his, I went to walk inside, Ryder was directly behind me, his glare burning into my back. I walked inside and made my way to Lily’s bedroom. Ryder smacking into my back at my sudden stopping. I gripped the handle and twisted, opening the door, I popped my head in and could see her laying in her bed fast asleep, her unicorn plushie tucked tightly under her arm as she cuddled into it. Closing the door gently, I headed up the stairs towards our bedroom. Behind me, I could feel Reid’s entire body shaking violently. His anger so much he couldn’t see that I was breaking, about to come apart at the seams. When the door opened, I felt his sudden shift. Shifting in such close quarters had me thrown through the door, making me land on the floor on my stomach. I have never seen them angry enough to see them shift out of anger so quickly.

Ryder’s front paws were suddenly on both sides of my head, I could feel his hot breath on my neck and in my hair. I watched goosebumps rise all over my exposed arms. Yet I couldn’t bring myself to feel fear. I felt nothing, rolling onto my back, I came face to face with Ryder’s true form, and when he was angry like this, he really was a thing of nightmares, his teeth gleamed in the light sharp and fierce. The sort of teeth that could snap bones like they were toothpicks, his claws dug painfully into my shoulder when he raised his paw, bringing it down on my shoulder. I squirmed under his grip, but his anger was unrelenting. Blood started to trickle down into the crook of my neck pooling slowly. Ryder brought his nose down before licking at the blood that had pooled. I just watched without saying anything. When I tried to get up, though, I was shoved back down.

“Please Ryder, I don’t want to fight with you right now.” My voice breaking. I was done, so god damn done. I give up, I know he can’t kill me but, in this moment, when my world just took a massive blow and was spinning out of control, I didn’t really care if he did kill me. I not only have put two Packs in danger because of my existence, I put Lily at risk. I also find out Zoe and Marcus, or should I call him Dad, have been lying to me for years. My life was just thrown a curveball, and I didn’t know how to react, how to deal with everything. Everything was falling apart, Hunters were after me, Ryder was out for blood. And I was falling apart. I didn’t have the energy or willpower to argue right now.

“I fucking warned you Aria, and you disobeyed me anyway.” Ryder’s anger bubbling into his words as they boomed in my head. I flinched at the venom in them. Rolling to my side, I went to get up but only managed to scoot closer to the bed, propping my back against the leg I was able to sit up. Ryder watched me, his eyes burning with anger threatening to set me on fire. Tears brimmed in my eyes; I could feel them burn, as I tried to focus my vision back on Ryder but could only see my tears bubbling up before spilling over onto my cheeks. I squeezed them shut tightly and breathed out my mouth, trying to stop the feeling I was starting to feel flood me and drown me entirely.

“Just do it.” My voice came out firm but soft. I really could use the sleep right now, he just needed to get it over with. I would do anything right now to be taken out of my own mind, sleep suddenly looked promising. I could feel Ryder’s breath on my neck, and I squeezed my eyes tighter waiting for the pain of his savage bite, only it didn’t come. I waited for it, braced myself for it, but no pain came. Instead I felt hands rub along my shoulders and up my neck. Opening my eyes, Reid was staring back at me completely naked, kneeling next to me. I threw my arms around him, making him stumble backwards, his arms wrapped firmly around me, holding me tight while I just cried into his chest. I felt his hand move into my hair, and he kissed my forehead.

“What happened, my love? I’ve got you now.” His voice was soothing, and I squeezed tighter.

Reid felt warm against my cold skin, making me shiver, I inhaled deeply, taking comfort in his familiar intoxicating scent. I always felt safe with him, Reid was my safe place, so is Ryder. I loved them both, but right now, all I wanted is Reid. Reid’s hands moved up and down my arms slowly, I could tell he was waiting for me to tell him what’s wrong. I just didn’t want to think about it right now, let alone tell anyone. Sitting up, I got an overwhelming sense of vertigo, maybe it was from laying down so long and my sudden movement to get up, but the entire room felt like it shifted as I stood up and I found myself staggering to the bed. Reid watched my clumsy movement’s as I tried to get into bed.

“Have you taken something or been drinking?” he asked. He must be able to feel what I felt when I stood up.

“No, David gave me a drink, but that was it” Reid’s growl tore through the room, as his hands clenched at hearing me mention Alpha David’s name. His whole body began to tremble, Reid pinched the bridge of his nose and closed his eyes, I could feel through the bond he was trying to calm himself and Ryder down. Moving to the edge of the bed, I tried to stand, but the same sensation rolled over me, I gripped onto the nightstand, next to the bed to balance myself. When suddenly, a new sensation took over a violent need to throw up. I took off for the bathroom, kicking the door shut behind me. I barely made it to the toilet before I threw up the entire contents of my stomach. Reid burst through the door, just as I flushed. I stood up feeling a little better. Walking over, I rinsed my mouth and grabbed my toothbrush. Reid turned the shower on and hopped in.

“You okay? Do you think David put something in your drink?”

“No, he was drinking from the same bottle. I think I have just had too many emotions for one night,” I mind linked back, seeing as I couldn’t speak clearly with a mouthful of toothpaste. Reid growled lowly. When I finished, I gargled mouthwash and went to walk out, when Reid’s arm reached out of the shower and pulled me in.

“You have blood on you, strip.” I took my now wet clothes off, Reid helping me take my shirt off that was acting like a second skin. Chucking them out of the shower and onto the floor. Reid pulled me under the water, I rested my head on his shoulder, the shower steaming up, all I could smell was my own blood as it washed down the drain. Ryder’s claws must have dug into my shoulder deeper than I thought, not that I could tell now though seeing as it already healed. Reid moved the loofah and soap over my skin, softly washing all the blood off before continuing to wash me entirely, his fingers moving through my hair as he washed it, combing it out with his fingers.

When he was done, I stood back, rinsing it off. When I opened my eyes, Reid was watching me, a look in his eyes that I was now familiar with, Lust. Moving closer, I kissed him, running my tongue across his bottom lip. My hand reaching down, I grasped his cock and squeezed, his eye’s fluttered shut, and he groaned. Then I let go and stepped out of the shower. Reid growled, annoyed at me teasing him. I grabbed a towel and wrapped it around myself and walked back into the room.

I just finished drying myself and was rummaging through Reid’s shirt drawer trying to find a shirt to wear, when I felt his arms wrap around my waist picking me up, he then dumped me on the bed.

I chuckled at his behaviour, I could tell Ryder was just below the surface, his eye’s flickering. Reid stood at the end of the bed looking down at me. I squirmed under his intense gaze. When I couldn’t handle him staring at me anymore, I lifted my knees and opened my legs slightly, Reid smirked and his eyes darkened, gripping my ankles.

I was yanked to the bottom of the bed, getting on his knees at the end of the bed, he pushed my legs further apart, I felt him kiss the inside of my thigh just next to my glistening wet cunt, he sucked on the skin and bit down, the stinging from his bite lingered but was soon forgotten when his hot tongue moved to my clit. Reid pushed my legs harder down into the bed so I couldn’t move as he devoured me. My moans filling the room, his tongue swirled around the sensitive bundle of nerves. My legs began to shake, and my back arched as he sucked and licked relentlessly, making my stomach tighten and my skin heat up. Reaching down, I ran my fingers through his hair.

“Don’t stop.” My voice was airy, Reid sped up his movements, sitting on the edge, I spilled over, seeing stars as I came hard, Reid licking up my juices as they spilled out of me, making me slump back down on the bed while I came down from high.

Pulling me down the bed, I was exhausted, Reid pushed my knees back apart and into my chest before ramming his cock between my lips, my eyes opening at the feeling of his hard cock thrusting in deeply and hard. Moving my hips as he pounded into me, his cock hitting my cervix as he pounded hard and fast, my body reacting to his harsh movements, screaming out as waves of pleasure rolled over me again and again. Letting go of my legs, they fall to the sides suddenly feeling like they were made of jelly, Reid’s mouth moving to my nipple as he sucked and bit down before soothing his bite with his tongue. I could tell he was close, gripping his hair, I pulled his face to mine, kissing him. I could feel his tongue playing with mine, fighting for dominance. When I felt his hot seed spill into me, his movements became jerky as he came inside me.