General Mark Forgive me by Anna Yan Chapter 1 (First Day of School)

General Mark Forgive me Novel

“Hey, Mark, look at this school, it’s also big, there are students who go to school by car.” “Why don’t you care, it’s not like those short-brained rich people like to show off.” Although Mark said so, he also kept an eye on the new car that had just stopped in front of the other gate. He also wanted to know what ‘caliber’ character could be so brash.

However, as soon as he saw the person getting out of the car, he was stunned. Like so many classmates next to me, I couldn’t help but praise. Mark, that girlfriend is so beautiful. Looks like new students like us. Oh my God! I wish I was in the same class as her.” James patted Mark shoulder. “The ability to study together is very high. Pretty girls often have short brains, God is fair. Giving people something better than others must also take something else.” Mark was startled to regain his senses, then said contemptuously.

Mark words made James happy and full of hope. Suddenly, he felt how lovely this new school had become. Studying with such a beautiful girl, a lazy person, lazy to go to class like him will have the motivation to go to class every day. Mark and James have been close friends in the same school for the past nine years. And now when two people take the entrance exam to the tenth grade, they also choose the same school to apply to. They are best friends, but their IQs are very different. So of course the results are also different. Although they both passed the entrance exam to this famous high school. But James scored 26 points, and Mark just got enough points to enter the school with 18 points.

When Hainan went to see the admission announcement, he was very worried that in the past few days, all his efforts in tutoring Mark would go down the drain. He didn’t want to go here together and couldn’t go to the same school together. To see the list of candidates, instead of searching for his name, he searched for Mark name. But at that time he was really depressed, when he searched all four lists, he still could not find Mark name. At that time, his sad face went to James side. Originally intending to open his mouth to comfort him, he spoke first.

What do you have to be sad about, as long as I pass, it’s fine, right?” “You passed?” James looked at Mark in surprise. “Didn’t you find my name? It’s at 249.” Mark was surprised by Hainan’s unbelievable reaction. He’s been searching for so long without seeing your name? That’s strange. James froze, now he understood why he couldn’t find Mark name forever. Because he trusted him enough to think he wouldn’t be at the bottom of the list like that.

So he didn’t look to the last page very carefully. He once again tried to squeeze inside and looked at the last page. The truth is exactly what Mark said. He was in 249th place while only 250 students passed this time. In other words, he barely got the pass and just got ahead of another male student. “Go ahead and find out what class you’re in? Maybe you and I are in the same class.” James returned to the present, once again joined Mark in the announcement to find his name in the classification. “You can go up the upper grades a bit and find out your name. I’m sure to be in the last class.

You’re in the same class with me unless the class dividers are my parents.” Mark said and quickly went to the last corner of the list. Looking at the list of class 10A5, a glance was evidently just as he expected. His name is at number 25 Mark. When he saw his name, he immediately left. It took a long time for Hainan to come out. “Which class?” Mark asked. “10A1” James moody. Mark raised an eyebrow, what does it mean to enter the first class with such a face. Is he teasing you? “What the hell is wrong with you in the first grade? I’m in the last class.” Mark despised. “Stop being lazy, stop skipping school.” James said sadly. Mark really doesn’t understand why a lazy person is better than him, and has fewer school days than him.

But every time I take a test, I don’t understand why the score is always higher than him. He often assumes that he is cheating, having a “charm” in his hand. No wonder he has nothing. There was a time when he was curious, but rather annoyed, asked him. “Why did you go to class and sleep for more than half of the class and get a good score on the test?” “Do you understand how IQ is superior? No way, who told you to be defective in this.” James said as he pointed at his head with his finger.

Mark also really wants not to believe the so-called superior IQ Hainan said, but how can he not believe this. He only needed to glance at the teacher’s lecture for a moment to understand what the lecture said, where the focus was. Even scarier, so are the social sciences that need to be memorized. If he had to chew it over and over and read it for the whole day to remember it all, he would only need to seriously read it once to remember it all. Is there any logic?

That was also the reason why his mother often compared James with him. That’s right, James house and Mark house are in the same area. Every morning the parents of the two families meet to exercise together in the morning and then the comparison also takes place. James are teachers. His father is a professor and his mother is also a university lecturer. He often told his mother.

James is smarter than him because his family has good genetics. As for your family‚Ķ why don’t you have parents who are teachers? Your father is just an architect, not a professor. His mother is not a lecturer, she is just a chief accountant of an international company. There’s no genetics in your family. You must be stupid. When he answered like that. His mother glared at him angrily and left without saying anything.

But when he told James about it, he exploded violently. “Crazy man, your parents are good at calculations. You can’t inherit it because you cut their genetic cords.” Mark is drifting away from his thoughts about his and James IQ difference. Suddenly, James slammed his hand on his shoulder. You let your soul go somewhere else. If you don’t hurry to find a class, meet the homeroom teacher.

Everyone’s gone.” James is really worried about Mark. He didn’t know if he wasn’t by his side to help him, he wouldn’t be able to go to class. Moreover, with a bad temper like him, I don’t know if I can make new friends. Oh! You look like an old mother worried about her young son.

The two parted at the notice board and went back to their classrooms. Not too hard to find. Because next to the class list bulletin board, there is also a classroom map pasted. Grade 10 studies on the 1st floor, the position of the upper class is ranked from right to left.